Pee Wee – He’s in the bag!

Yesterday, I stopped by a cute thrift store here in Fresno called Vintage Curiosities. I was going to pick up a couple of vintage buttons, that’s all, but then I spotted PeeWee on a shelf behind the shopowner.  I asked how much he was and he said, “$10 bucks.” For me, $10 bucks is nothing when it comes to something that connects me with my childhood.  I scooped PeeWee right up and was on my way.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen these dolls or not, but they have a string in the back where you can pull it to say things.  Well, mine is broken and only plays a loud screeching sound. That’s why he was so cheap. The shopowner said if he worked, that he would have sold it for $25.  It’s ok, just the idea of having Pee Wee sitting on my shelf makes me giddy.  I can always watch old Youtube clips if I need to hear his laugh.

In fact, his Pee Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special is on Youtube! If you want a little holiday nostalgia, I suggest you check it out.

More than anything, what I have always taken away from Pee-wee is to not to take yourself too seriously!  I’m from the school of thought that you should always make some time to let loose and be silly.  Thanks Pee Wee for helping instill this value in me!

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    When my now 16yo was little, the only thing that would calm her down in the throes of teething was watching PeeWee’s Playhouse! We had the entire series on VHS. Since she loved Pee-Wee for much of her first few years, she had Pee-Wee colorforms and that Pee-Wee doll. Now he proudly sits in my craft room.

    I still love Pee-Wee too 🙂

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    LOVE! My uncled Shawn passed away years back and I got his Pee Wee Herman doll. Unfortunately my sister’s dog ate one of his hands…which of course was ironic. I loved Pee Wee, in fact I think we’re related.


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    Mine is original and it’s “voice” broke almost instantly. Almost all the ones I’ve seen since have the broken voice. But I still kept him because of the fond memories.

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    Well, Paul Reubens and Peewee Herman are 2 completely different “characters” in my eyes.
    What Paul did was on his own time.

    Peewee on the other hand (no pun intended) is a constant smile maker for me. I will always love Peewee and all the memories I have of him and the show.

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