10 Valentine Nails DIY Roundup

I really, really dig all the cool nail art ideas I’ve been seeing on the web as of late.  I am admiring them from afar, because I bite my nails (bad habit, I know).  I just notice that people are getting so clever these days with their nail creations! I can’t believe the detail and “lengths” people go to to make their nails look amazeballs!

So, in the spirit of my love of all things pink and red, I thought I’d bring you a super cute roundup of Valentine nail ideas to get you in a lovey dovey mood!  Not all are hearts, some celebrate other ways to get in the “mood”.

Conversation Heart Nails with The Daily Nail

Cute Doodle Heart Nails with Boom Nails

Chocolate Valentine Heart Nails with Robin Moses Nail Art. Click here to see her video tutorial.

 Cupid Heart Nails with Tha Leanne

Love Me, Love Me Not Nails with Blue Tape and Nail Tips

Rose Nails with Linda Christal

Black and Red Corset Nails from Sharihearts

Striped Valentine’s Nails with Colruza

Lip Print Nails with Paint That Nail

Colorful Heart Nails
with Rebecca Likes Nails

Let me know if you if you are going to try any of the designs…I’d love to see the finished results!

Until next time Swellions!


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  1. says

    hey, i appreciate that you included my design in your post, but could you please take down the cropped photo and replace it with a watermarked one? my photos have watermarks for a reason. i’m sure the other people in the post would appreciate that too. thanks.

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