Feb 8, 2012

All you need is love photography

have a heart

Valentine's is one of my fave holidays. I thought I would pull together some of the favorite photos I've taken of hearts and love to share with you.  It's kinda my online valentine for you!  If I could put it in your glittered shoebox valentine box (remember those??), I totally would if I could be with you in person!


heart attack

I believe I can fly

Valentine Garland

sequin goodness

I wear a dirty shirt.

LOVE Letters

Until next time Swellions and lots of XOXO!
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Bee And San said...

love the first and second one!!


Alexa said...

Thanks Bee! :)

Sourkraut said...

This has almost gotten me in the mood for Valentine's Day. All I need is a big box of chocolates and I'm all set! How on earth did you do the, er, third one? With the zoom-y effect.

Alexa said...

Sourkraut, I just quickly zoomed in and out on my camera lens (manually with my hand). It was really easy! :)

Sourkraut said...

Aha! I'll have to try that soon as it's such a cool result.

Tralee said...

Great to see you at Heather's Blessing Way :-) I "LOVE" all of these pix - especially the kite though, it really made me smile! I too will have to try out your 'zoomy' effect from the 3rd one, super neato!

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