A site I like that I think you might like…

These days I haven’t time for much crafting, but I do peruse the craft sites to see what is hot and new. One of my favorite places to find cool new tutorials is craftgawker.com. Unlike Pinterest, Craftgawker is user submitted and the editors select the best tutorials, DIY ideas, and inspiration. So I guess you could say it’s kinda curated.

That’s why the site looks so great and the projects are great quality. I’ve submitted a few projects, and they haven’t always selected them, but they have some. If you do get selected, it’s a great traffic boost and exposure to new fans. I’ve found several new cool blogs I didn’t know about this way! That’s how I found the Stars for Streelights blog. Love it!

Just wanted to share one of my faves. Are there any sites you scour for the best ideas?

Until next time Swellions!

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