Doodled Silk Flowers

doodle-flowers-2I’ve been seeing a lot of new designs in silk flowers at the craft store, esp. polka dots!  I wanted to create my own DIY version with my own personal doodles.  The end result is totally original and unique! 

Like most of my DIY projects, this one is super simple and easy to do.  You can have a doodled flower in 30 minutes or less!  Here’s how you do them!

Start off with plain flowers from the craft or floral store. I chose these, cause the petals were larger and not as tightly bound as some of the flowers.

You then take the flowers apart. This should be really easy to do.  You may want to stack them on top of each other so that you know exactly the order in which they go!

Break out your Tulip Fabric Markers. They work great and are really vibrant on the silk flowers!

Doodle to your heart’s content on the petals. The silk flowers took the markers really well and even bled a little more than I expected. They turned out cool though…more dramatic!

Now put your flower back together. Here’s how the pink one turned out.

And here’s a closeup of the black and white version I did! I edged this one with the black fabric marker as well.  I put it in a white vase that I decorated with some sticker letters. Fun, huh?

If you wanted to, you could go in and add dots and accents with Glitter Tulip 3D Fashion Paint for a little sparkle action!

Hope you enjoyed this little project!  Do you want to make your own custom flowers now?

Until next time Swellions!


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