Duck Tape Rose Fun!


I haven’t been all that crafty lately. Truth is, I’m kinda a simpleton when it comes to craft supplies. I like making something with very minimal materials. That’s why I enjoyed making these Duck Tape roses. Here’s a great tutorial from the Duck Brand site on how to make these fun little roses. I’m kinda addicted! All it takes is the tape and a paperclip. Seriously, I think that’s pretty cool for something that turned out so cool, don’t you? I got the silver and gold Duck Tape from the Duck Tape booth at CHA! I was so stoked and had to try my hand at the roses!


Next, I’d like to venture into some Duck Tape ringmaking! I might just have to buy this pdf tutorial from QuietMischief. Their work is genius!


What do you think? Does this look like something you might want to try?

Until next time Swellions!


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