How to make Rainbow Glitter Shoes


In honor of St. Paddy’s day, I decided to make the ultimate in glitter shoes…a pair of Rainbow Glitter Shoes!  Hmm, maybe I should call them Double Rainbow Glitter Shoes!  Haha!  Here’s how you make them!


Gather your supplies! You’ll need:
Tulip Fashion Glitters in a rainbow of colors
Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond
– masking or painters tape
– paper plate
– shoes (of course!)
– clean work surface
– small paintbrush
– several pieces of extra paper
– hairspray
– cleaning wipes

Before you begin:  I recommend that you also do a coat of masking tape inside your shoes. You will get less glitter inside the shoe this way and have less of a mess!  I didn’t do this and if made these again, I would have!


First mark off your shoes in even width stripes using your painters tape.  Squeeze out your glitter bond and cover the surface of the first exposed stripe, making sure to completely cover it in the adhesive.


Next sprinkle on your first color of Fashion Glitter. I created my shoes in the color order of ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet) Make sure to coat around the entire shoe.  This is where that extra paper comes in handy!  If you lay the paper down before you begin, you can reuse the excess to cover the parts you missed in the first round.


I did the third color (gold) next. Once finished with that section, I ripped off the painters tape in between and applied the Glitter Bond, then filled in with the orange glitter.

Repeat this pattern until you are done. If there are any small areas that you missed, use a paintbrush to apply Glitter Bond in those areas, then go back in with the matching color.


Once finished, use hairspray to lightly coat the entire area of both of the shoes! This helps them from flaking off and glitter getting on everything!

Now go out and rock your brand new multi-colored kicks on St. Paddy’s day and every day!

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Until next time Swellions!


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  1. says

    Such a girly girl shoes!I love the design and color.Every girl will be such a stand out in this rainbow colored shoes. Keep the exciting ideas coming!

  2. says

    love these i am so making a pair in shades of pink , cuz i love pink and want a pair of pink rainbow shoes , thanks for sharing , i love these and have a pair to do it with , you are so inspiring , . thanks georgia from ohio

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