Why I added an ad box to my blog

Gallo winery ads
A photo I took of vintage ads on display at Gallo Winery in Modesto, CA. 

Tonight I added my first ad box to my blog through Google Adsense.  I’ve been thinking about adding ads for a while and have opted out for a long time; however, I decided tonight to take the plunge. 

I have always thought ads clutter up a blog and make it salesy; however, I do believe that if they are done in the right way and if the content stays fresh and new on your blog, the ads aren’t a big turnoff to fans and readers.  It’s never been my intent to get rich on this blog.  I pour a lot of love and labor into making it what it is and I think it’s about time that I get payback on that hardwork, even if it’s a small sum every couple of months.

I also am trying to not fill up my blog with ads in weird places or scattered in an unattractive way.  I’m very sensitive to the design of the blog and don’t want to create something ugly!

In the process, I’ve organized my important content and contact info in the side bar as well as posted a search bar at top. I also added my top tutorials underneath the ad box. I think my most popular projects needed some love! Also, now when you click on the DIY button on the side of my blog, it takes you to my Pinterest DIY project page.

Anyway, just wanted to share why I’m making this leap. Hope you can understand why I did so.
Until next time Swellions!


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    On your blogger home page screen there’s a button called “My earnings”, click on it to learn how you can get started with adsense. I’m pretty sure you have to apply and be picked to do it. It’s been over 2 years since I applied, I just now decided to do something about it.

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