10 reasons why you have to watch Caine’s Arcade


I have to admit something:  I’ve watched Caine’s Arcade 6 times this week and I could probably watch it 6 times every week for the rest of my life!  It’s the cutest story about a little 9 year old boy named Caine Monroy who makes an arcade from shipping boxes from his Dad’s auto part shop. It is the most touching thing I’ve seen in years and and here’s 10 reasons why YOU need to stop what you’re doing right now and hit that little arrow button below.

10. This little film has the best music soundtrack! So whimsical and reminds you of being a kid!

He uses his own toys “he played with when he was little” as his arcade game prizes.

Kid handwriting is the best!  Caine makes his own signage with good old-fashioned marker, scissors, and cardboard!

I think it’s adorable he made his own t-shirt with “STAFF” on the front and “CAINE’S ARCADE” on the back.  He really thought through his image and branding! He even has custom labeled bags for the prizes.

He has an amazingly supportive Dad. More kids today need parents who are this supportive of creativity and give them the space to explore (a whole storefront is AWESOME).

You get 4 plays for $1, or a FUN PASS for $2, which grants you 500 turns. GENIUS KID LOGIC!

It’s a great story of how social media has impacted our world in a super positive way! By the making of this video, the filmaker Nirvin Mullick already raised over $131,000 for Caine’s college scholarship fund.

Caine is doing something super constructive with his time other than sitting in front of a TV, computer, or video game.  He’s developing his young mind!

The kid made a cardboard claw machine using an S hook, COME ON, how can you not watch this?

The moment in the film when Caine is “surprised”. I don’t want to give too much away if you haven’t
watched the video yet, but it made my heart SWELL so big.  Everytime it makes me cry! His pure childhood joy is so touching!

As you can tell by my use of ALL CAPS, I’m so excited by this little film. Please take a moment to watch it, it will MAKE YOUR DAY too.

Until next time Swellions!


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  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you so much for posting this! It made my week, month etc. I teared up too when all the people came. What an amazing little boy! His dad and the filmaker are incredible too for encouraging his creativity. I loved the shirt and the secret code for the fun pass!

  2. Anonymous says

    How amazing! Go kiddo! Way to be creative and find something to do! 🙂 I’m so glad he was rewarded for his creativity. All his friends from school who didn’t believe him – I bet they feel shmucky now!

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