Swell Life Adventures

I’ve been pretty busy lately in the house of SWELL as of late! Thought I’d catch you up on what’s been going on my world…

1. I had my personal iPhone stolen (yep, the Instagram one) while buying a Slurpee. Yep, true story, and this is how it breaks down: I went to the 7-11…saw an icky guy (should have trusted my gut and been on high alert)…proceeded to set my phone down 3 feet away from me so I could properly fill my Slurpee cup…paid for my Slurpee…got in my car, drove away, and realized I didn’t have my phone when I wanted to take a pic of that said Slurpee…immediately rushed back…had owner of 7-11 call phone…and someone picked it up and hung up.  So, there it is, I got my phone stolen. Dummy me didn’t have my photos on the cloud or the Find my iPhone feature set up, so I lost a lot of stuff 🙁  Life lesson learned!

2. I went to the Michigan International Woman’s Show in Novi, Michigan (right outside Detroit) for a week last week for my work, iLoveToCreate.  It was tiring, but a lot of fun! I met so many cool bloggy friends, crafters, and tie dyers in action.  And I got to hang with the most amazing group of talented ladies…Pattiewack, Terri O, Julianna Hudgins, Tiffany Windsor, Lauren Klein-Baltazar, and Savannah Starr. Don’t you love my total dorkiliciousness above? LOL!

I busted out some 8×10 prints and stickers for Twee Boutique this past week! I’ve been taking a lot of Fresno signage photos as of late too! I love me some vintage signage!

4. Been picking up lots of fun stuff for my house. Thinking about paint colors, window treatments, photoshopping interiors to get an idea of what I want.  Also adding to my growing collection of colored aluminum while on my thrift shop runs!

5. Tonight I electrocuted myself on the dryer outlet!  OMG! It was so scary.  I guess that outlet isn’t grounded and I zapped myself when I touched the metal outlet with the prong connector.  It shot a charge up my arm and made it tingly, but I’m fine now. Scared me more than anything. I know not to go fishing around for an outlet next time. Another lesson learned!

Well, just thought I’d catch you up on my whereabouts and what I’ve been doing outside of blogland! I’ve been keeping busy!


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