Summer of Swell

Shelf organization

I’ve been busy lately doing LOTS of things.  I have a lot of home and crafty projects up my sleeve and I’ve also been doing some baking and taking WAY too many photos of my cats.  Here’s a little photo recap of what I’ve been up to!

My bookshelf

William built me a bookshelf like the ones you see at Ikea.  He built it all with his own ingenuity and skills just for me.  You have to love a guy that builds you stuff, right?  He’s the best.  At the moment, I have foregone painting the thing, cause I just want to start organizing and getting my craft supplies onto it and in it. I have tons and tons of boxes, glasses filled with stuff, figurines, etc. I want to display and fit inside. I don’t have much rhyme or reason at this point with it, but it’s plenty big to store a lot of stuff which I have desperately needed the space for a while now.  Yay for more places to put things, right?

Dexter and his tie

I’ve been way too guilty of posting and talking about my cat lately. Dexter has been really cute and funny lately. He even got into a fight with a cat who came into our backyard!  We let him out, cause he likes to play and sit in the grass.  He held his own (that’s my boy).  I put a tie on him today in honor of the 4th.  So silly.


And here’s my beautiful girl Pixie.  I feel a bit guilty cause she doesn’t come out to play or get attention like he does.  I still love her very much.  Do you ever have favoritism woes like this when it comes to your pets?

Festive food for the 4th

I broke out my little plastic baskets and striped straws for dinner today!  I also made potato salad for the first time, which turned out to be too bland (I must get my Mom’s recipe!!).  I also made some strawberry pops and used my food processer for the first time! I think using it is going to be fun!  I can’t wait to make other things!!

Potato chip brownies

Here’s my other baking foray! I made potato chip brownies following this recipe from A Beautiful Mess.  They turned out really yummy!!!  I can’t remember the last time I made brownies from scratch and they were really gooey and chocolatey! Going to have to make some more in the future.

Feeling googly

I’ve also been working on a secret project for the Craft and Hobby Association Summer Show I’m attending in a couple of weeks.  Can’t show pics, yet, but I promise to after the show.  All of it has been making me a little googly-eyed. LOL.

Oh, and on the work front, I made this fun video above  showing how to dye your jeans in the washing machine using Tulip Liquid Dye with my friend and co-worker Brandi last week.  It turned out great!

Until next time Swellions!


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