Puffy Paint Polka Dot Bottle Vase DIY

Looking for a super cool centerpiece idea with big impact for this Halloween?  Look no further than your trash can!  I turned this glass Italian soda bottle into a little polka dot treasure with the help of one of my favorite products – Puffy paint (Tulip 3D Fashion Paint as it is formally called at my work).

As you can probably read above, the instructions are super simple:

1. Clean you bottle with soapy water and remove and adhesive or sticky marks.

2. Use white spray paint to coat the entire bottle. Give it a couple coats for full coverage.
3. Paint out big dots of paint onto a wax paper sheet like so…

4. Let the dots dry, then use a little bit of the puffy paint to attach the dots to the bottle in a random fashion.  My dots were pretty big.  I could have painted them on, but I didn’t want any dripping to occur. To be on the safe side, I let the big dots dry on the wax paper before application.

And there you have it!  Dexter decided he liked the little orange balls. Check out this video of his attacking skills. He’s vicious! Notice the nice plaid sheet over my window (how can you not notice it LOL – I gotta get on making some cute drapes for my office!)

Hope you enjoyed this cute craft!

Until next time Swellions!


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