Nov 13, 2012

Crayon Drip Paper Mache Christmas Trees

I had GREAT intentions this week to do a week-long series of crayon Christmas crafts. I started off with a bang on Monday with my crayon drip ornaments DIY tutorial.  Well, needless to say,  I only got two out of my 5 projects done.  That's ok, just more fun crafts to make for the weekend. The weekend is the only time I'm home with natural light for photography.  Anyway, this is a fun and simple tree idea if you are needing a colorful display for your mantle or a centerpiece accent!  Let me show you what you do!

What you need:
Р2 paper mach̩ trees, small and large
– 1 box of crayons
– Tulip 3D Dimensional paint (white slick)
– foam paint brush
– Aleene's Ultimate Glue gun with glue sticks
– hair dryer
– protective work surface, newspaper or plastic trashbags work great!
– mini glitter stars
– paint palette

Before you begin: Prepare you open area (preferably not close to walls or carpet) with your newspaper or plastic bags. Make sure a plugin is nearby!

1. Plug in your glue gun to preheat. Start unwrapping the labels from your crayons. Break some pieces to be small and some to be large.  Choose a color palette of your choice for your trees.

2. Squeeze out your paint on a paint palette and use a foam brush to cover the paper maché.  I used the Slick paint because it has a bright sheen and finish!  Apply 1-2 coats and let dry.

3. Once dry, use your glue gun to glue your crayons to the tip of the cone.

They will look like this when you are finished gluing.

4. Now onto my favorite part...turn on your hair dryer. Admittedly, I did my best to use the low setting, but I got incredibly impatient and turned it on high.  It worked great on high for the large tree, but the little tree fell over and  smudged on high. It may be best to hold your tree in place or secure it with a dot or two of glue from the glue gun so that it temporarily sticks and doesn't wiggle around.

5. Once the crayon is dry, add a mini star or other embellishment (a pom pom or giant rhinestone would look rad) to the top with the glue gun.

I must admit, one of my favorite parts is seeing all the color spatter. I just love crayon crafts or any rainbow craft for that matter! I took a picture of my leftover color and made a fun quote art with it!

Thanks for joining me for this colorful project! Please share with me your version if you end up making your own!

Until next time Swellions!


jinxxxygirl said...

You could put paper underneath the tree while doing this then use the paper for something else. :) Love this idea!

truebluemeandyou said...

Posted this on my kids' blog and holiday blog. Looks like so much fun!

Olivia Heartelly said...

Great idea!!! WOW!! Two thumbs up!!! It looks like that my kids will have a lot of fun to do this art activity at home… Thanks for sharing and it was totally a useful post as well.. :D Cheers!

Shawn Walter said...

So cute! Makes me want to run out and get those paper mache cones right now!

Loraine Karins MLB BLOG said...
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Good idea! !!A: wow! !Two thumbs up! !!Look, my children will have a lot of interesting things to do this art activities at home... Thank you for sharing and it is a useful post and.. : D cheers!

i am a deleted blogger account said...

you can buy a heating element at craft stores. its used to emboss cards. it heats up HOT but doesn't blow hard and eliminates the knocking over of the trees! :-)

Katie said...

Alexa, how the heck did I miss this? These are so cool!!!

Nina Still said...

I am so going to give this a go this Christmas!


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