The REAL Swell Life: My $10 curtains!

This past Saturday, I was a sewing machine warrior!  I got it out of the garage, brushed it off, and got my spool of thread out and threaded my needle!  I had visited Hancock Fabrics the night before with the intention of buying some fabric for curtains. Once I got there, I was indecisive about I wanted…so much so that I didn’t want to commit.  I decided I could commit to a plain white fabric that was $12 for 6 and a half yard!  I had enough to do this window + another of the same size with fabric left over. And a few straight stitches later, I’ve decided white fabric is a huge improvement over the ugly sheets that had been hanging over the window for the past 9 months (no, I’m not joking).

I am pretty creative when it comes to ideas and plans, but the actual execution of those plans is another story.  I considered just having someone make them at a local fabric shop, but unlined curtains from them was like $120 per room. No thank you, I said, for a basic straight stitch.  I’m so glad I finally got the gusto to just make them myself! They aren’t perfect and they aren’t the bright and colorful ones of my dreams, but they are a much better alternative to sheets.

Now to paint this room, remove that shelf above the curtains, and actually decorate it in a style I like! I may just paint a design on these white curtains too!

Whew!  And I did I mention that my office still has sheets in place.  Plaid sheets.  I’ve gotta get more cheap fabric before the sewing machine goes back into hiding.

Until next time Swellions!


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