Meet Lady Dragon!

 If you read my blog a few weeks back, you may remember my encounter with this very cute bearded dragon. Not long after seeing him, William talked about getting bearded dragons for his classroom and well, one thing lead to another and we got 2 new dragons…Lady Dragon and Draco.  Here they are in their reptilian glory…

That’s Draco at top and lady dragon at right.  Lady Dragon might look a little bigger in this photo than the rest in this post.  That’s because she laid 30+ dragon eggs yesterday. If you want to see the video, click here (It’s both amazing and gross). We were getting kinda nervous since she refused to eat for several days in a row (William did well at force feeding her applesauce from a syringe).  Anyway, I got to to see the live birth in action and yes, it was very interesting!

William has currently put Draco into another tank so that he won’t get too high strung and stress Lady Dragon out after birth.  We have to get this gal back in good health.  William got her some crickets today and it was nice to see her eating again.  She got really bony and malnourished towards the end of her pregancy.  She’s bouncing back well and has an appetite again.

Today William put her on the window sill and she loved it!  He’s a really good dad to all our animals.  He lets them all explore and go outside (supervised, of course).  Lady Dragon loves going outside (Draco hates it and freaks) and she loved looking out the window today.  She’s a very relaxed little gal.  The other day, she slept in my lap while I was at the computer and she even did a cute wiggle while she slept.  That sealed the deal for me…she’s a keeper.

I think William is going to take the dragons to school in the fall for his 7th grade classroom, but until then, we are going to get them in a regular routine and learn more about them.  He’s actually going to try to incubate the 30 eggs. Ack!  I’m not too sure what’s going to happen with all that.  He always has several hobbies up his sleeve and this has been his latest.  He is always like a kid…exploring and learning new things!

Anyway, wanted to share you a couple little new things in my world.  Hope you had a great weekend!

Until next time Swellions!


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