Candy Crush Addict

I’ve never been a big video game person.  Other than my addiction to Super Mario Bros. III in 7th grade (I could never make it past level 2.3 if I didn’t use a warp whistle), I’ve never been into games on my phone or computer all that much.  Usually not my thing.  I didn’t get as much of the game gene as my grandmother who was expert Bunco, Rummy, and Rook player….she LOVED her games so much!

Well, this changed this past week. Every day when I get home, I halfway hope William is playing his Black Ops, so that I can sit on the red couch and play Candy Crush Saga.  These past couple days, tried probably around 50+ times to beat one level. Oh the agony!  And I totally purchased some extra “sweet” lives.  Man, I feel so Napoleon Dynamite saying that. LOL.

All I gotta say is that if other people are as addicted to this game as much as I  am, these game developers are making a sweet penny off those suckers like me who have to play a few more rounds.

Pretty soon this addiction will pass (I give it a week). That’s how I roll with things. I get kinda caught up with it, have my fill, then move on.  It’s exciting while it lasts though!

Until next time Swellions!


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