4 Ways to Decorate a Mini Pumpkin

There’s a lot of ways you can decorate the average mini pumpkin and here’s just a few fun ways I’ve compiled if you are wanting a fun project to entertain yourself or the kiddos for a crafty afternoon project.  If it’s not easy, I generally don’t do it, so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make these (but if you are, that’s pretty cool…I’ve never met a crafty rocket scientist).  OK, here we go!

Dripping Paint Pumpkin
For the dripping paint pumpkin, I simply used Tulip 3D paint a.k.a. Puffy Paint (it was blue glitter) to fill up the middle of the pumpkin.  I used the bottle tip to drag the paint down the ridges of the pumpkin to make it look like a natural drip. Just a note…the more paint you add, the longer it will take to dry!  I would give this one a good 24-48 hours before I would handle it or throw it around the yard. Hey, what you do with your pumpkins is you business…I just don’t want you to sling undried paint on anything!
Pouncer Polka Dot 
For the larger dot pumpkin, I used Tulip Soft Paint in black.  I squeezed some of the paint on a plate, then took a larger pouncer sponge brush and dipped it into the paint. Dab off any excess paint onto your plate before you pounce your dots.  Apply random dots all over your pumpkin, revisiting the paint as needed and dabbing off the excess. Let dry.

Yarn pumpkin

The yarn pumpkin is so easy to make and just requires a little Aleene’s Tacky Glue, yarn (mine was skinny Martha Stewart kind), and some patience. Start at the bottom of your pumpkin and apply a dot of glue and place the end of your yarn there. Securely hold it in place as you start wrapping your pumpkin.  Try going in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.  Add glue as needed to secure the yarn as you go continuing until you cover the entire pumpkin. Once done, hide the end of your yarn and glue it in place if needed. My stem was a little weird, so my pumpkin looks a little hot mess at top.  I still like it, cause it’s a pink, sparkly, textured pumpkin!

Mini Polka Dot Pumpkin
Use the back of your paintbrush for this one!  Simply dip the paintbrush end into your paint, slightly dab off onto your palette or plate, then start dotting your pumpkin.  Add as many or as few dots as you want.  This looks like a dalmatian pumpkin to me!

And now it’s time to display your pretty pumpkins with pride! Mini pumpkins are so cute!!

Until next time Swellions!


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