I’m the QUEEN of the last-minute costume

OK, I admit that’s a BIG statement to be making.  But it is kinda true…as much as I love Halloween, I’ve never been a big “Let’s plan for this costume” kinda girl.  I’m more of a “Holy heck, Halloween is tomorrow!  I better get my look together!” gal. A perfect example of this is the Mona Lisa costume I painted the night before a Halloween party as you see above. I wore a black piece of fabric over jeans as a robe to complete the look.

Not to say, I don’t totally rock my costume.  I always try to put together a look that is either punny or celebrity-inspired that includes a quick visit to the Dollar Tree or craft store.  These 8 babies were Dollar Tree finds and so were the lips.  The hair was a stop at the Spirit Halloween store.

Here’s another last minute look. I paired my Casper the friendly ghost robe with a mat board egg. I found a random stick and headband to attach my foam cutout pitchfork and horns.  And it was a pretty sad devil makeup job. Thank goodness I don’t have an up close version for you to see.

My Britney Spears (back when Britney was a pregnant Cheeto-eating fool) was pulled from my closet and childhood toy bin. Come on, you totally had one of those fake fat Cabbage Patch dolls too growing up!  Put on a store-bought wig and add some chunky wedges and pickle-dipped ice cream, and you have a look to remember, y’all.

I always try to come up with a costume most everyone at my work immediately gets, so a couple years ago, I went as the Stan Bitters sculpture out front of my work’s building.  Yes, I printed this out the day of and no, I didn’t win anything!! Boo!

So there you have it…my last minute Halloween costumes.  What great costume did you come up with on the fly?  I really need to know, cause I totally don’t have a costume for the Halloween party at my work in 2 days. LOL!!!

Until next time Swellions!


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