My flower girls a.k.a. Pumpkin girls

I plan on sharing more wedding photos and I’m very happy to say I just got my photos back from my co-worker and friend Jasen of J. Master Photography in Clovis, California. Today I wanted to share with you photos of my flower girls, or as I like to call them Pumpkin girls.  Another unofficial term for them is “The Sparkle Sisters”!  My nieces Sofie, blonde curlyhead cutie, and Ava, my wide-eyed brunette sweetie hit it off as soon as they met!  It made me so happy for them to become best friends for the weekend!

A couple things before I share the pictures below…my mom did a tremendous job on the dresses!  She made them from eyelet and satin she got at Hancock Fabrics and they were absolute perfection!

Also, I made their little headbands and pumpkin bouquets!  For the pumpkin bouquets, I simply glittered plastic pumpkins with orange chunky glitter and Tacky Glue.  Then I made a flower base for them using part of a cardboard ribbon package.  I then put a striped dowel rod in the bottoms for them to hold!  I definitely wanted an alternative to celebrate the Halloween season with and I hadn’t seen pumpkin bouquets on the internet, so I went for it! They turned out so cute!

Their chunky necklaces were custom made from Little Cuties Jewelry on Etsy and the shoes they wore were like this pair from LittlePoshBebe. I had her accent the shoes with black petals and an orange strap.  I loved all the little details of their outfits. They looked like little cupcakes!

The girls played in the grass behind us during the ceremony.  I even heard mention that one of them said, “I can’t wait to get a cupcake!” really loudly. Totally adorable!

My most favorite part that sticks out for me with the girls was right before we walked down the driveway to the crowd waiting below.  Leaving the big house on the hill, I told the girls “I love you!” and they both chimed it back to me in their sweet little voices.  It just about made me cry.


Until next time Swellions!


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