10 Things I’ve Been Up To

It’s been a while to say the least.  Wanted to give you a little insight into my world. So let’s get on with it!

1. First off,  I recreated the American Gothic painting you see above on Thanksgiving Day with my hubby William while up in Sonora at Heather’s house (she’s William’s sis). Turned out pretty darn smashing, me thinks.

2. I filmed this video for work and came up with the “Make it in a Minute” concept. It was quick and easy to do and turned out fun!

3. I’ve been a Buzzfeed fool…my 28 Easy Gifts to Make When You’re Broke became my 2nd most popular post in just 4 days. I guess I struck a nerve, which is always cool online. 🙂

4. Check out my other Buzzfeed posts. Take a gander at my glass ornament post and my guy DIY post!

5. I bought this pop art piece on Groupon. It is 26″x 18″ and is by Dan Monteavaro. This one is called Left of Yes. Loved everything about it, so it was a must-have!

6. I recently went to Youtube Space LA with Kathy a.k.a. Crafty Chica. Though a little nerve-wracking setting up the equipment, the videos turned out great. You can see one of the videos we completed  (I ran cameras, directed, and edited) here.  Learned a lot to put to use next time we go! Make sure to subscribe to the iLoveToCreate channel if you haven’t already. We share new videos there every Tuesday and Friday!

7. I put up my Christmas tree. It’s all retro and bright! I’ve actually been going through my decorations and going to put a yard sale together with some of it. I realized I’ve acquired a lot of decorations over the years that are simply not my style!

8. I’ve been putting my new Red KitchenAid and Fiestaware to use, which were all wedding presents. In love with their bright and cheerful dispositions!

9. Been hangin’ out with this guy.  His name is Oscar. He’s a Pit Bull/Chow mix and is so sweet and lovable.  We actually are keeping him in a foster-type situation while his owner got back on his feet. Soon he’ll be leaving us, but it’s been fun having a dog and seeing how he has interacted with the cats (Dexter hates him, but tolerates, while Pixie is ambivalent and just avoids.)

Finally, I’ve been trying to organize my stuff around the house.  Not something that comes natural.   saw this organization post on BH&G and decided to create a closet gift wrap organizer (with William’s help). It’s not as pretty as theirs, but it is keeping my stuff MUCH more organized and I’m excited about that.

Oh and how rude of me not to introduce you to B.O.B. a.k.a. Body Opposition Bag!  I totally need to make him wear a feather boa or something so he feels more comfortable around here!

Glad I got to catch up with you a bit!  Hope everything is well in your world!

Until next time Swellions!


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