Feb 15, 2014

Book Buddies - The Sweetest Thing EVER!

A friend of mine on Facebook shared this sweet story (via the Dodo) the other day and it really warmed my heart. I thought you'd enjoy it too!  The Animal Rescue League of Berk's County in Pennsylvania has a "Book Buddy" program where they pair children with shelter cats.  The children improve their reading and are given non-judgemental support, while the cats get affection, friendship, and comfort.  I haven't seen a better win/win opportunity in a long time! This program makes me extremely happy.

Here's some more happy moments from the Animal Rescue Book Buddy page!  I love all these photos. Now I want to be a book buddy too! My cats would never sit steal and hang with me like this!

Until next time Swellions!
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Halita Malisa said...

Love Cat

uma Ingale said...
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Celina Jones said...

Wow, you have written this blog amazingly. I so loved your writing, and the pictures are so expressive. The second and the third parts were so amazing. :)

smith brown said...

The pictures with the cats, so lovely. I hope to see such more posts. A good positive initiative. Hope that you continue with such posts and lovely pictures too. I hope you would certainly share a blog same like this.

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