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I realized that even though I make a bunch of stuff, I have neglected to share the wealth on all my social media channels.  These days, my go-to places to post have been Snapchat, Vine, and Instagram and I know not everyone is in those places, so I thought I’d share with you a few of the things I’ve stashed away in these spaces.


A couple weeks ago, I made these pretty dipped planters from $1 planters from the 99¢ store.  I used the nail polish marbling technique where you fil a small bin with water, then add a few drops of nail polish in your favorite colors.  I dipped the planter in at an angle to give it a modern touch, and filled it with some succulents I picked up from Lowe’s!  I gave two of them as gifts and my friends adored them.

emoji unicorn tote DIY swelldesigner
I occasionally do projects on the fly at work for our social media sites. A few months back when there was a new emoji release, I painted this unicorn.  It was probably my favorite new emoji out of all the new ones!  I hand-painted this in about an hour.  Sometimes when I work on these little on-the-fly paintings, I realize how my painting skills have become a lot better has I’ve gotten older. I understand shading and highlighting so much more than I used to!

I was in a saucy mood when I made these little canvases at my friend Laura’s holiday party in December.  I like how all three look totally different, but all make a neat little set.  I love drawing hearts and cute lady portraits.  I don’t do the portrait illustrations very often…I think I enjoy it, cause I loved drawing fashion sketches as a little girl and giving them personalit

rhinestone toaster

I blinged this toaster out for a work video/project. Though, the project didn’t really turn out, I still really like how this piece came toegether. I call it the “Beyonce of Toasters” and I think it’s pretty epic.  I’m not sure a toaster with glued-on rhinestones is exactly usable, but I think it will make a great display piece.

make cool stuff watercolor journal

Last year, I went to a seminar by Brit+Co and during it they had watercolor at all of the tables for participants to get creative with during the speakers.  I made this along with permanent marker for the type!  They had so many cute backgrounds to photograph stuff on and I decided using these paper fans.  Makes me want my own paper fan display just for photography!

In addition to these projects, I’ve been making projects weekly in my “DIY time with Swelldesigner” series on Snapchat!  I’ve been trying to inject some humor in with those! I also share more craft ideas on my Vine channel here. I’d love it if you followed me in the fun DIYs!

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