Tie Dye Galaxy Art Mason Jars DIY


I have to admit something…tie dye takes up my thoughts like half of my entire year.   No, I promise I’m not a Deadhead or hanging around kids at summer camp.  I’m actually talking about the fact that I do social media at my work for Tulip tie dye where I spent a LOT of my work time concepting up new fun tie dye memes, social media strategies, and new techniques for Tie Dye Your Summer. It’s my job to make that SPIRAL go VIRAL. LOL!

The thing is, I don’t really get tired of tie dye…it’s bright, it’s fun, and it’s super colorful and might I add there’s one part magic to the whole process. I decided to apply my love of tie dye to these fun mason jars and give them a galaxy/mottled look.  Making these was so simple and once I got a hand at blending the bright colors together, they kinda get addicting to make.

What you need:

Pint mason jars
Bright acrylic paints in colors of your choice
Sponge or sponge pouncers

Follow along via my video below or follow my steps to see how I did it step by step (I realize people like to learn in different ways, plus, heck, I’m promoting my Youtube, you can’t blame me for that).

I started off by dipping my paint pouncer and dabbing it off to get rid of the excess.  I then dabbed the color large area on one side of the jar.

tie dye galaxy jar 1
I went in with the next color and started dabbing it over top.  You don’t have to immediately start blending the colors together. I found that as I added more colors, the layering just started to happen artfully.

tie dye galaxy jar 2
I added in the third color. You can see the pink blended into the orange a little better than the yellow into the orange.

tie dye galaxy jar 3
I kept layering the colors.  You can use multiple pouncers or clean off your pouncer in between colors so you can start with a fresh color each time.  I truthfully eyeballed the color shift and would add subtle blends here and there to make it look galaxy-like.  Note:  when I got near some of the hard paint lines I wanted to smooth out, I dabbed the paint super dry and went over the area I wanted to blend together.  I found this was an easy way to make a subtle shift from one color to another.

tie dye galaxy jar 4
After they dried, here’s what they looked like in all their tie dye glory!


Which one is your favorite coloration?  I can’t decide if I like the orange and pink combo or the purple and blue!!

Hope you liked this colorful DIY!  If you liked this project and would like to see more fun and colorful inspiration, sign up for my newsletter!

Until next time Swellions!

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