Personalized Watercolor Frame for Mom with Darby Smart


My latest video for Darby Smart is all about the most important person in our life…MOM! This frame is super easy peasy to make and you can create it even if you feel you aren’t super crafty or artsy.

All you need are some watercolors from your local Michaels store and a permanent marker to make your lettering design. And of course your unfinished wooden frame!

When I created this project, I used a 3/4 inch paint brush and dabbed it into the water, then into my watercolor palette. I dabbed on the color onto the frame, trying to mix together the colors to make brown.

After only 30 minutes, the frame was dry and ready to create my personalized lettering. I chose a line that was an adaption of a John Mayer song; I believe it’s from the song “Daughters”. I always loved that line and thought it is an appropriate statement for Mom too!

After personalizing, add in your favorite photo of you and your mom. I don’t have a great photo of myself with my mom, but I did use this cute photo of my niece and me, so I put that in the frame. I technically could have been old enough in this photo to be her mom. Let me just say, I really love being that girls aunt…we always enjoy a LOT of crafting time together.

If you love this video, watch more on my Darby Smart profile online and on their Darby Smart app. You can download the Darby App now in the Apple app store!

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