Reverse Glass Painting for Summer

There’s nothing more fun than a good summer craft session. I have heard for a while about “reverse glass painting” but hadn’t tried it for myself, and I loved the results I was seeing. One of my fave things to draw are cute girly girls, it has always been that way since I was myself a little girly girl. LOL. I decided to create some true summer vibes in this painting…BEACH PLEASE!

Supplies you need:
– Acrylic paints in various colors (including sea colors & skin tone color)
– Various-sized paint brushes
– 8×10 frame with glass
– 8×10 drawing of your choice; I drew a girl on a seascape, but you could do anything you wanted
– Hairdryer
– Paint palette

Follow along on the video below or my step by step directions as described below the vid!

Reverse Glass Painting DIY
1. Draw a design on an 8×10 piece of paper that you would like to transfer onto glass. If you aren’t super confident about your drawing skills, copy a coloring book page!
2. Using a black acrylic-based paint marker, place your pattern under the glass from your frame and trace the design. Let dry thoroughly.
3. Use your desired paint colors to fill in between your marker lines. Paint two to three coats, letting dry in between coats. If you want a looser, more transparent look, only do one coat of paint.
4. Let your paint dry thoroughly. If you need to, use a hair dryer to speed up the process.
5. Wipe down any paint from the edges of your frame and place back inside frame. Now wait for the compliments.

I made this project for my friends at Darby Smart. I create cute and snappy DIY videos for them in the app and there’s videos by all kinds of different creators that will get your ideas flowing. You can download the Darby app here.

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