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DIY Crayon Drip Holiday Ornaments

With the success of my crayon pumpkin this year, I thought I’d have fun with some DIY crayon Christmas crafts this weekend!  I’ll share some more throughout the week, but this was my most successful one…Crayon drip glass ornaments!  I absolutely love how watercolory and colorful these ornaments turned out and they are SO easy to make. They really only take three things to create.  I’m serious!  Here’s how you make them!

Here’s the video I made for this project:

What you need:Clear glass ornaments (you can purchase for cheap via Amazon now)(I bought mine at Michaels, please avoid plastic kind as they could melt)
– crayons (great deals here)
– mini craft knife
protective surface cover or newspaper
– embellishments as desired
Before you begin:  Prepare your area with protective plastic (I used garbage bags) or newspaper.  Even though this is a little bit less messy than other crayon crafts, you don’t want the chance of your carpet, table, etc ending up spattered with crayon drippings!
1. I started off by using my craft knife and fingernails to rip off the labels on the crayons.  This is the hardest part of the process. Good thing, cause I get impatient!
2. Remove the stem from the glass ornaments carefully. Now cut or break small chunks of your crayon and drop them in. I chose to do no more than 3-4 colors at a time, but feel free to experiment with more or less!
3. With your hair dryer setting on high, blast the heat on the ornament. I found I could handle the ornament if I didn’t hold the heat too long in one spot. I twirled the ornament as they dripped with my hand. Sometimes the crayons were uncontrollable.  That’s the beauty of this project, it creates abstract drips…you just have to go with it!
4. I chose to stop before my crayon was absolutely covered on the inside. I liked the transparent and scratch effect the crayon wax had with the glass, as you can see in the example above.  When you are satisfied, shake or heat the crayons up so they’ll go out the opening.
That’s it! You can add a bow or sparkle to the outside if you wish.  These would be pretty on a tree, on a gift, or in a glass bowl for a pretty display! Here’s some more pics of my finished creations!
I love projects like this, cause it forces me out of my design brain and gets me more into abstract art territory!
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Halloween DIY



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Crayon Drip Pumpkin


How to easily remove crayon labels

I’ve done a few crayon crafts this past year  (see here and here) and if I would have known this little trick a few months back, I would have been one happy camper!  The other night, I knew there had to be a simple way to remove the labels from crayons.  A google search revealed a post by 4 Herreras, and I had to recreate their magical method for removing those pesky little labels!  What makes the magic happen, you ask?  Well, all it takes is a bowl of warm water to do the trick.

I’m was so in love with the process that I had to do this little video showing you how it works!

Now the main reason I was removing the labels was for a craft project that turned into a complete CRAFT FAIL! Yikes, I plan on sharing that soon, so hold tight.  You are not going to believe the goofy mess I got myself into.

Until next time Swellions!


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Glitter Galaxy Ornament DIY

I’ve been on a glass ornament kick as of late (see crayon ornaments and glow ornaments LOL). I’m trying to think of the craziest and coolest ways to put stuff inside. The other night I was perusing That Ornament Girl’s blog and I saw she used wax mopping liquid to coat the inside of ornaments to apply glitter.  Pretty rad, huh?  I decided to add more than just one color to mine and I think they turned out pretty magical – almost galaxy-like.  Here’s the 411 on you can get the look. It only takes 5 minutes for each ornament!

Learn how to make this ornament now reading the steps below or by watching my video! In the video, I use a concoction of Water and Collage Pauge.  Both this mixture and the mopping liquid work great, so use what you have on hand!


This is how we do it
ONE Remove the stem of a clear ornament (you can buy them via Amazon Prime HERE) and apply the clear floor wax (I used THIS Pledge) to the inside of your ornament. TWO Swish the wax around and pour back in bottle.  THREE Pour a variety of little Tulip Fashion Glitters inside (see pic below). FOUR Swirl and shake the colors around and add cap back on!  Easy and fun, huh?

Here’s the fun colors in the Tulip Fashion Glitter pack!  A little glitter goes a long way and all the colors are so vibrant.  This would be a fun one to put on your crafty gift list this year!

The ornaments turned out so sparkly and remind me of the galaxy bleach art I’ve been seeing on clothing and shoes!

Each one turns out differently and where the glitter lands, it lands.  It’s seriously addictive to make these little ornaments, so make sure to buy several packages of clear ornaments when they are on sale or with you craft store coupon!

So you do think you’ll add a little glitter to your tree or gifts this season!  This would be a definite fun way to add some serious sparkle. If you love this project, then sign up for my NEWSLETTER where I share lots of DIY and creative fun.

Until next time Swellions!

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Crayon Drip Paper Mache Christmas Trees

I had GREAT intentions this week to do a week-long series of crayon Christmas crafts. I started off with a bang on Monday with my crayon drip ornaments DIY tutorial.  Well, needless to say,  I only got two out of my 5 projects done.  That’s ok, just more fun crafts to make for the weekend. The weekend is the only time I’m home with natural light for photography.  Anyway, this is a fun and simple tree idea if you are needing a colorful display for your mantle or a centerpiece accent!  Let me show you what you do!

What you need:
– 2 paper maché trees, small and large

– 1 box of crayons
– Tulip 3D Dimensional paint (white slick)
– foam paint brush
– Aleene’s Ultimate Glue gun with glue sticks
– hair dryer
– protective work surface, newspaper or plastic trashbags work great!
– mini glitter stars
– paint palette

Before you begin: Prepare you open area (preferably not close to walls or carpet) with your newspaper or plastic bags. Make sure a plugin is nearby!

1. Plug in your glue gun to preheat. Start unwrapping the labels from your crayons. Break some pieces to be small and some to be large.  Choose a color palette of your choice for your trees.

2. Squeeze out your paint on a paint palette and use a foam brush to cover the paper maché.  I used the Slick paint because it has a bright sheen and finish!  Apply 1-2 coats and let dry.

3. Once dry, use your glue gun to glue your crayons to the tip of the cone.

They will look like this when you are finished gluing.

4. Now onto my favorite part…turn on your hair dryer. Admittedly, I did my best to use the low setting, but I got incredibly impatient and turned it on high.  It worked great on high for the large tree, but the little tree fell over and  smudged on high. It may be best to hold your tree in place or secure it with a dot or two of glue from the glue gun so that it temporarily sticks and doesn’t wiggle around.

5. Once the crayon is dry, add a mini star or other embellishment (a pom pom or giant rhinestone would look rad) to the top with the glue gun.

I must admit, one of my favorite parts is seeing all the color spatter. I just love crayon crafts or any rainbow craft for that matter! I took a picture of my leftover color and made a fun quote art with it!

Thanks for joining me for this colorful project! Please share with me your version if you end up making your own!

Until next time Swellions!


Crayon Drip Art Pumpkin Tutorial

Screen shot 2014-09-05 at 10.44.31 PM
I was so inspired by all the pumpkins and Halloween stuff I saw at Michaels this past week, that I decided to go ahead and get started on my Halloween crafting!  With the popularity of the crazy crayon dripped canvases, I decided to do my own version using a pumpkin instead of a canvas.  I think it turned out funky, abstract, oh-so-colorful, and fun.  Here’s how you make one of your own!

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Youtubin’ it up!

This week, I was a little miffed that a tween ripped off my image above and made a video on “How to Make DIY Crayon Ornaments“, my popular post from last year.  Ideas are everywhere, so I’m not sure I was the first to ever make a hair dryer crayon ornament, but I think I was one of the first to present the idea online.  So, when you see tons of people doing blog and video tutorials on a project you first initiated, it’s awesome (except when they use your image to promote it). I was just bummed I didn’t own the video portion of my project, too.

So I got proactive and made it happen.

That night I worked up the video you see above and tonight I tackled the video you see below!  I’ll share tomorrow or early next week, the step by step tutorial on my blog for the sequin ornament I’m sharing below, but in the meantime, you can see me being my usual quirky self hosting this short video!

I really like making videos, but I need to get my process (lighting, filming, etc.) down better. I’m sure that comes with practice. If you like them, I’d love to hear about it and possibly what other videos you’d like to see. I promise they will always be super simple and super swell (ok, that was way beyond cheesy).

Until next time Swellions!


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