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Nail Polish Pumpkin Tutorial

As I’ve been working on my pumpkin projects this year, I keep always reminding myself that the most popular projects are those that use the simplest amount of materials and are EASY to do with great results.  With this in mind, I went to the bathroom toiletry drawer and decided to create some pumpkins from the most basic of materials…nail polish. As you probably already know, nail art is so HUGE right now. I’m constantly amazed by the clever ways people are doing their nails.  I’m sure the skilled professional could do some crazier things with pumpkins than polka dots and pouring, but considering I have no nails (I have bitten them since I came out of the womb…must be a nervous tick), I’m not an expert when it comes to nail polish.

Determined, I pushed through.  My polka dots weren’t perfect when applied with the nail polish applicator, but they were pretty cute.  Hey, it worked pretty good as a paint in a jam! A much better solution than making a 7:30PM craft store run if I do say so myself. 🙂

I know there’s nothing really involved with dripping nail polish on a pumpkin, but I do really like the shimmer and iridescent look it gives off you can’t get with most paint.  There’s so many cool colors out on the market…even the cheap brands, so play around with it! You could really come up with some cool results.  And there’s no reason you couldn’t venture out past one solid color. Mix it up!

So what do you think?  Will you be making a trip to the dollar store for some nail polish?

Until next time Swellions!


Marbled Blacklight Pumpkin DIY


If you’re a pumpkin crafter, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of nail polish pumpkins.  The thing with nail polish pumpkins; however, is that you have very little polish to work with and you generally can only dip smaller-sized pumpkins with them.  Also I personally think using nail polish is a lot more stinkier than spray paint (this may be a personal preference).  Anyway, after seeing this post a few years back Alisa Burke marbleizing paper and ornaments, I knew I wanted to try it with a pumpkin and I’m actually happy with how mine turned out.  Let me show you how easy and fun these are to make!

What you need:

— faux pumpkin
— various colors of spray paint (I used neon so they’d look good under blacklight)
— large bin filled with water
— Gloves (get the gloves, see below)

Before you begin:
Fill a large plastic bin with water. You want enough water so you can submerge your entire pumpkin.

Spray the first color on top. It will spread out as you spray into a halo shape in the water.
Keep spraying and adding more colors till the surface of the water is totally filled with colors.
Once you’ve sprayed the surface, immediately dip your pumpkin.
It takes a little force to push the pumpkin below the water.  It was hard for me to capture on camera, but once your pumpkin is totally dunked, you need to pull it up lifting off the paint from the surface of the water.
If there’s an area of the pumpkin that you’ve missed, you can dunk it back in and focus on that area. You may layer over top of a. section you’ve already covered, but because this is abstract and random, it’s hard to mess it up!
Remember when I said you needed gloves. This is why.  I got the spray paint on my hand and it took a couple days for it totally to be off my hand. There was a lot of hand washing those two days. LOL.

Here’s what it looked like when I set up my blacklight.  I was wanting the neon to really pop and pop it did!  I am looking forward to putting this in my glowing decorations this Halloween!





Halloween DIY



If you’re looking for cool DIY ideas for Halloween, you’ve come to the right place! Scroll below to find over 60+ and counting Halloween ideas to get you in a spooky spirit, from pumpkins and costumes, to vases, recipes, and wreaths!

Crayon Drip Pumpkin


Crayon Drip Art Pumpkin Tutorial

Screen shot 2014-09-05 at 10.44.31 PM
I was so inspired by all the pumpkins and Halloween stuff I saw at Michaels this past week, that I decided to go ahead and get started on my Halloween crafting!  With the popularity of the crazy crayon dripped canvases, I decided to do my own version using a pumpkin instead of a canvas.  I think it turned out funky, abstract, oh-so-colorful, and fun.  Here’s how you make one of your own!

Looking for more fun pumpkin ideas, check out my new pumpkin site…EASY PUMPKIN IDEAS!

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Let’s hear it for lasagna and weekends!

You’ll get the title if you read on. In the meantime, check out the cute decorations I scored for 10¢ each this past weekend at an estate sale!

On another Halloween note, check out the pumpkins grew for me. I picked out the seeds several months back. Yeah, he has a green thumb!

I made new Fresno buttons. I guess they don’t make sense to people who live here, but locals appreciate them. The Bubba, Oz, and Zara ones are local celebrity buttons and the Madera one is for Fresno’s nearby city/subarb.

I enjoyed polishing my nails and sitting by the koi pond at William’s house.

Back to the estate sale. The lady was super crafty and had tons of needlepoint supplies, ribbon,books, and patterns. I also found her paint stash. Inside was wom vintage Tulip® packaging from my work (iLoveToCreate). Love the kitsch of old packaging!

Here’s a tray I bought too!

Here’s something I didn’t buy but rings oh so true to me! I figured it would just add to the clutter of my desk!

Here’s a pennant I bought for my friend Silvia. I hope she likes it! I think she will 🙂

I also spent time with my little poodle friend, Frankie. Here’s a video of him, just to show you what a beast he truly is!
If you can’t see it, try viewing it here.

Until next time Swellions!