Vintage Halloween Character Ornaments

vintage-inspired halloween ornaments

This is one of my top favorite crafts I’ve ever made. I guess I just like their little expressions and I love the idea of having a big black Halloween tree filled with fun little ornaments with personality like these. I’m going to share the very basics of creating them. To have to sort the colors out for each exactly is a little daunting of a task that frankly, I just don’t want to do. So use your own discretion and whip up your own in every color of the rainbow!

Vintage-Inspired Halloween Ornaments

What you need:
– Clear round glass ornaments
– Acrylic paint in a variety of colors
– Multi-Purpose sealer
– Craft Twinkles paint in a variety of colors
– Glow in the dark dimensional paint (optional)
– ornament hanger
– ribbon in various colors and textures
– styrofoam plate
– liner brush and flat brush
– paper towels
– plastic disposable drinking cup

What you do:
1. Bend the ornament cap ends upward and hang ornament on ornament stand over styrofoam plate.
2. In cup mix 2 parts Americana Acrylics with 1 part Multi-Purpose sealer in cup. This will make the paint run easier down the sides of ornament. Pour over ornament, making sure to cover entire ornament. The paint should drip down the sides and create a small dip at the very base of ornament. This is ok. Let dry completely (this could take several hours).
3. Using flat brush and liner brush and desired colors, paint on your face. FYI: Paint pots come in handy in this case, cause you get several colors to use for a lower price. I referred to vintage Halloween faces and made up my own. Let dry.
4. Once dry, take off ornament hanger and use flat brush to brush on a coat of Craft Twinkles. Craft Twinkles and the paint look great together when they are the same coordinating color, but mix it up. The little green goblin of mine was coated with Gold Craft Twinkles. Put back on ornament stand and let dry.
5. Optional step: Fill in teeth and eyes with Glow in the Dark Writer for a fun touch. Let dry.
6. Seal with Multi Purpose sealer and let dry.
7. Bend down ornament ends and add funky ribbon for hanging.

Helpful hint:
When storing, place wax paper around them. I had one of them rip off paint on the side. It actually looked kinda like a scar, so it gave it more character, but in most cases, you don’t want to ruin your ornament this way!

Additional ideas:
– Instead of faces, make polka dot and stripe ornaments
– Hang them from the ceiling or from a chandelier for instant décor!
– Place on top of varying height candlesticks for an instant display.
– Create other fun characters like zombies, witches, scarecrows, etc. Further embellish them with other craft supplies like rhinestones, felt, foam, or doll hair.You could even create character ones like the characters from Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, etc.

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Dark Shadows Photo Frame

dark shadows frame

Looking for a unique Halloween frame idea? This is a great one, esp. for someone who loves a good scary comic like Dark Shadows! I saw some great scary comics at a local thrift store and thought the imagery was perfect for a custom frame. Here’s what I did!

Dark Shadows Photo Frame

What you need:
– Horror-themed comic book
– Scissors
– unfinished wood frame
– black craft paint
– Collage Pauge Matte decopauge medium
– foam brush(s)

What you do:
1. Using foam brush, paint frame with black craft paint. Let dry.
2. Cut out imagery from comic book. I cut out scary character expressions and creepy imagery.Lay out cutouts on frame and arrange or just decopauge as you go.
3. Using foam brush, brush Collage Pauge onto front and back of clippings and apply to frame. Once everything has been decopauged on, cover frame again with a coat of Collage Pauge. Let dry.

I chose to put an equally spooky photo in my frame (yes, that’s me), but you could also put a creepy costume photo or silly expression photo in the frame. I could see someone doing a faux vampire pose. That would be fun.

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A Halloween Costume Masterpiece

me in my mona lisa canvas

I’m here again with an inspiring canvas costume idea that you can do if you are in a jam to get a costume together. This is a fun and very simple project and something you can take in a variety of directions…you could place yourself into a variety of famous paintings. At the bottom of this post, I’ve expanded upon some ideas you can do. I think I completed it in an hour or so, but I ended up walking away with 2nd place overall for my effort at my work’s contest. Halloween costumes aren’t always about the expensive stuff you by at your local costume shop, they are about infusing your own creativity and personality into them (or lack of personality if you are referring to the Mona Lisa!).

What you need:
– Various acrylic paints and paintbrushes
– scissors/exacto knife
– 16×20 white canvas
– pencil
– photo of a famous masterpiece to go by

What you do:
1. Draw out your general design, and draw an oval a little bit smaller than your head onto the canvas. Using an exacto knife, punch through the canvas. Use scissors to cut around the drawn oval. Look into a mirror and determine if it needs to be large. Continue cutting oval shape until your head fits comfortably in place. In general, it’s better to start out small with your cut out shape so that you don’t make the hole too large. I wanted the hole for my head to only fit in part of my face…I didn’t want to make it so big that I could fit my whole head through.

2. Continue drawing/modifying your design to fit the oval cut out. Paint your canvas to look like painting. Let dry.

3. In my case, I ended up wearing a long black dress with long sleeves to match the look of the mona lisa robe/dress. This helps add to the illusion.

4. Now go out there and win that contest!!!

I actually got this idea from a version I had seen of of someone putting their head into the Marilyn Monroe Andy Warhol painting. For the life of me, I can’t find a pic, but her head was stuck through this image:


You could do other classic masterpieces as well. Try one of these on for size:

Vermeer’s “Girl with the Pearl Earring” (Bonus points if you’re Scarlett Johanssen)

A Frida Kahlo self-portrait

Munch’s “The Scream”

And if you are looking for a couples costume, you could go as this:
Wood’s “American Gothic”

If you are around more arty types of people, I’m sure you could do something a little less mainstream, but I think these images are pretty iconic that most people from all walks of life have seen.

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The easiest Halloween t-shirt you’ll ever make!

easiest shirt ever

This Halloween shirt is so easy to make. Even if you claim that you “can’t draw a stick”, you can still make this shirt. The magic is in the spray, Fabric Spray, that is. It’s super fast and fun and something the whole family will get a kick out of doing. Here’s how I did it!

The easiest Halloween t-shirt you’ll ever make

What you need:
– orange, lime green, white, yellow, or purple t-shirt of your choice
Tulip Fabric Spray paint
Tulip Fashion Form or piece of cardboard
– plastic bag or table cover

What you do:
1. Prewash fabric; do not use fabric softener.

2. Protect work area with plastic. For heavy applications, place Tulip Fashion Form between layers of fabric to prevent paint from seeping through.

3. Scrunch the fabric together. Here’s a pic of a the way I scrunched a white shirt I also sprayed a few weeks back:
Spray on fabric as desired. Let dry 4 hours.

4. Fabric can be washed (turn inside out) after 72 hours.

See, that wasn’t hard, was it?

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Glitter Boo Banner

boo banner

This is a fun and festive project that I dreamed up while perusing the dollar bin at Michaels! Always keep on the look out for craft surfaces that you can revamp into something totally different and fun! For example, the starburst chipboard shapes above were actually a chipboard notebook, but I envisioned them being perfect as a pretty and sparkly banner instead! Here’s how I did it:

Glitter Boo Banner

What you need:
– chipboard shapes (mine were made from a Crayola chipboard album)
– orange and white acrylic paint
Tulip® 3-D Fashion Paint in Crystal Glitter
– black permanent marker
– 4 feet of 1/2″ black ribbon
– foam brush

What you do:
1. Using foam brush, paint the chipboard shapes alternating in orange adnd white. Let dry.
2. Use permanent marker to draw two stars, write the word BOO, and to doodle around edges of chipboard.
3. Squeeze 3-D paint onto plate and use foam brush to cover fronts of chipboard shapes. Let dry.
4. String ribbon through chipboard shapes and hang from wall, ceiling, or mantel and enjoy!

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Spooktastic Halloween Pennants

halloween pennants

Here’s a cute project I did a couple years back…I really had a blast making these and they are a quick evening craft. If you love making pennants and banners, you will love making these!

The idea for these was sparked after I saw these at a local bookstore…

Original pennant design

I really loved them, but didn’t like the price tag ($8 each), so I got my crafty thinking cap on and decided to make my own (with my friend Lorilyn’s help). Here’s what I did!

Spooktastic Halloween pennants

What you need:
– wooden kabob sticks
– black cardstock
– white or cream cardstock (I used 8.5″ x 11″ size)
– scrap printer paper
– gold glitter
– 1″ wooden Woodsie balls
Aleene’s Tacky Spray
– gold metallic paint
– decorative edged pinking shear-like paper scissors
– scissors or cutting knife (with mat)
– ruler
– pencil

What you do:
1. Find a fun and spooky font that looks gothic in nature (peruse for ideas and free downloads).
2. Lay out spooky sayingsideways in word processing program or Photoshop and print out onto scrap sheet of printer paper. Use pencil and ruler to draw out pennant shape around text and cut out with scissors.
3. Print out onto saying onto white or cream cardstock. Lay down pattern you just created and lightly pencil around it.
4. Using Aleene’s Tacky Spray, spray pennant shape to black cardstock. Using cutting knife on mat, cut around pennant and leave approx. 3/4″ black border. Cut around border with paper pinking shear-like scissors. Set aside.
5. Paint balls and kabob sticks with gold metallic paint. While ball is wet, sprinkle on gold glitter to ball. Position balls on end of kabob sticks. If they don’t fit exactly, wrap end of kabob stick with a couple layers of tape and then securely place ball at end. Let paint dry completely.
6. Cut two slits with craft knife for kabob to poke through (refer to picture). Poke kabob through holes.

Here’s how I displayed my pennants a couple of years ago:


My friend Donna Bush made my pretty Pixie portrait (for visitors of my blog, Pixie is my cat).

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Taking a little break

Hey guys! I have a lot to do this week to get ready for my 24 Halloween crafts in 24 hours and my Terrorific Tuesday projects. I really need to focus in on in it, so that it is ready for you guys to enjoy! If you are still interested in joining me for Terrorific Tuesday click on the link above and it will tell you all about it!

I’ll be back a week from today with a kick-butt project (it will be my own personal Terrorific Tuesday project) for Halloween to get the holiday started off right.

My b-day is this week too (Thursday) and I have a fun fair excursion on Friday, so I’ll be one busy bee!

Hope all is well in your world and that you have an awesome week!

Until next time Swellions!


P.S. Check out the cute pics I shot today of my friends Katie and Kyle who are getting married in November. I think they turned out pretty cute 🙂

24 Halloween Crafts in 24 Hours

24 Halloween crafts in 24 hours

Update: Click here for a compiled list hour by hour of all my Halloween crafts I presented on October 8.

If you tuned in last night on Inspired at Home Radio, you heard me talk about my attempt to do 24 Halloween crafts in 24 hours! If you didn’t tune in, you can hear my broadcast here. This is my official announcement here on my blog. Just to clarify, I’m not the first to attempt this feat… Crafty Chica did it back on Earth Day in April and I’ve also noticed 24 blog posts in 24 hours by Elsie Flannigan.

Anyway, my goal with this project is to share ideas and inspire you with quick and easy and very accessible projects. I’ll be covering everything from jewelry to decor ideas to fun food crafts to costumes! And all of the projects I make are something you can achieve in an evening, so it doesn’t mean you have to spend hours of labor slaving away on your crafts! I know very few of us have time to do that!

I also have a little favor of all my blog readers…if you have a blog, could you please share this little button in the side bar of your blog? Then link back here to this post so that others can be clued in about my 24 crafts in 24 hours?

mini button

I have some exciting photos, Halloween stuff, and things to share in the next few days, so please check back this week 🙂

Until next time Swellions!


Weekend Highlights

cat eye

green eyes

1. I took a couple cute Pixie cat pics that I thought turned out pretty swell. She’s such a good poser.

2. Went to the Farmer’s Market. Here’s a little video. Forewarning you…on the middle part, it gets a little motion-y when I flip the camera over. Eventually going to need to get a video editor.

New wig
3. Bought a whole bunch of last year Halloween paint and props for $8. I mean, they were selling makeup sets that are currently in stores for $5 for 30¢. Score! Got a blonde bobbed wig for $2. A future 365 photo prop for sure!

4. Watched several episodes of True Blood. It’s my latest addiction. I get that way about TV series (remember my Mad Men addiction? Last year, it was 24 and Dexter). It has inspired me to do a Halloween True Blood/Vampire inspired craft.

5. Went to Joann’s today. Got a whole slew of stuff including some super cute socks, buttons (they got GREAT new buttons in this past couple of weeks). Got really inspired.

Halloween blog list
6. Worked on “24 crafts in 24 hours” projects tonight. Some turned out, some didn’t. Can’t win them all though. I did get some photography and list making done…see?

7. Watched the VMA’s. Enjoyed the performances, esp. by Beyonce and Pink and Taylor Swift. Lady Gaga’s was very interesting and the opening in honor of MJ was touching. It was an overall good show…Kanye was such a jerk to Taylor Swift, but Beyonce showed true class by letting her have her moment.

Well, off to bed! Hope everyone has a great week!

Until next time Swellions!