Finished with my 365


I’m finished with my 365. I’m feeling a bit guilty for losing sight and track of the days. So…I have a whole entire collection devoted to my 365, but it’s more like 355 cause I am trying to organize all the photos. My friend Chris was so diligent about posting his photos a day or two within the time they were taken, but I wasn’t. Now it’s coming back to haunt me as I organize them.

Nonetheless, I’m finished. And tonight I took a photo out and about on the railroad tracks in downtown Fresno. Honestly, I didn’t realize this was my last day til this evening, but it is actually an appropriate photo to close out my 365. Like the sun is setting on this project.

I’m glad it is over. I think I have quite a few great photos that tell my story throughout the year, while there are quite a few that are less than stellar too. What do I think I learned from this process? Well, I’m proud that I actually succeeded to commiting to something even though it was hard. I’m also a little less afraid to show my true self as well as reveal my imperfections.As far as my photography skills go, I don’t know that I improved a lot…I would have if this was my only project on my plate, but when I did go to the extra effort, my photos turned out pretty great. I know if I set out to take a great photo, I can achieve it.

Well, I’m so glad it is finished and I’m glad you stayed with me during this process. Thanks for all the support of my friends as I have attempted to do this project. I want to give you a little more indepth review of my project once I get the photos organized!

Until next time Swellions!


Help me pick my 365!!

Occasionally during this 365 photo project, I take several photos in the same day and I have no preference over the ones I take. Today was that such case. I like these photos for different reasons (cool abstractions/mood), but I thought I’d get some other opinions, before I pick my photo to represent Day 302/365. So, what do you think? Leave your choice in the comments below.






Weigh in and let me know!

Until next time Swellions!