New Vintage Kitchen Hutch


The other day William and I were checking out 4 Sisters Thrift here in Fresno. I wasn’t expecting to find anything that wowed me, but to my surprise, I found a piece I could resist! 


I didn’t end up getting it that day (still had to think about it), but I knew it was really something I wanted and was the right shape, width, and height for my kitchen.  The little space next to the window is really tiny, so I needed something compact, yet still stylish. I think the intent for this space was for a breakfast nook, but only a bistro-type table and 2 chairs could really go there.  And I know how I am, if I got a bistro table or retro table with 2 chairs, they would just collect junk!


I’ve been looking for quite a while for a buffet, credenza, hutch to occupy this space, and this piece was really quite the steal. It was only $149. You can’t beat that, right?  William picked it up today after work and I think he got there in the nick of time!  Someone else had called in going to pick it up and William swiped it out from under them! I’m so glad he did. I love this little piece!

I think I may eventually paint it. I could see it in a bold red, couldn’t you?  I’m thinking about painting the walls a teal/aquaish shade.  I just bought a rug in the dining room that is this color and I’m thinking about matching the walls to the rug for some continuity between the rooms.

I’m so glad a few of my pieces are finally starting to come together. Now I just gotta replace that awful wallpaper! Ick!

Until next time Swellions!


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