Inspired by Share Some Candy

Tonight I came upon the blog Share Some Candy and let’s just say there was a lot of visual eye candy to be found. It is the home of a lot of my favorite things… art, design, photography, typography, packaging and more. *Swoon*

A couple of their cool features?

The Workplace Series…so seriously cool to see cool artists in their element in their studio and actually working. A lot of these places aren’t glossed over and cleaned up like you see in a lot of magazines, just because the cameras are there. Oh and there is a lot of color and visual fun to be had in their spaces as well.

Their 41 Creative Alphabets feature is seriously amazing and will help reveal to you a lot of new fresh takes at looking at the world.

I could go on and on, but I suggest you hop over there RIGHT.NOW. and see how very far out it is for yourself. You will be glad you visited.

Until next time Swellions!