4 Ways to Decorate a Mini Pumpkin

There’s a lot of ways you can decorate the average mini pumpkin and here’s just a few fun ways I’ve compiled if you are wanting a fun project to entertain yourself or the kiddos for a crafty afternoon project.  If it’s not easy, I generally don’t do it, so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make these (but if you are, that’s pretty cool…I’ve never met a crafty rocket scientist).  OK, here we go!

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Crayon Scribble Pumpkin Craft Tutorial


I’m really excited to share my first pumpkin of the season today here on the Swell Life blog!  As you know pumpkins are my favorite thing EVER to craft, so I’ve been having lots of fun dreaming up ways to make a pumpkin POP for Halloween.  Last year, I had my crayon drip art pumpkin go viral, so I decided to revisit the use of crayons and this one doesn’t require anything other than a pack of crayons and a good ol’ pumpkin!

Yep, I said it, it only takes 2 things to get this awesomely colorful pumpkin that both you and your kids will love making together.  All I did was scribble in random colors on a store bought pumpkin as you see below…

That’s it. No messy or sharp tools for the kids and they get to leave their own creative mark!  A couple things to note:

1. I tested this both on a foam and real pumpkin. It works great on both! Of course, brighter color crayons will produce better results.

2. Play around with patterns and scribbles for your own design.  You may decide just to do an initial or something Halloween-y like a bat or skull.  The possibilities are endless.
3. I recommend doing this on a white pumpkin, though you can try darker colors like black and purple on an orange pumpkin.  The white just takes so well to the color!

Here’s a couple more views. As you can see, it was hard to get in around the top of the stem, but, it really doesn’t affect the overall look if it were to sit on your porch or on display in your house!

I would love it if you stay a while and check out some of my other fun pumpkin designs. I have over 30 fun tutorials to get inspired by.


 Until next time Swellions

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Decorate a colorful pumpkin in 5 minutes!

I had one of those moments today where I just had to get up from my computer screen. My eyes and body was getting so tired and I needed to take a mini break.

So I walked into our design studio and saw a pile of ripped fabric scraps. Each of the ripped scraps were about 2 feet long and were in assorted colors. I picked four colors of fabric and alternated them around a small faux pumpkin. On the top, I tied it into a big tattered bow at the top of the stem. Since I did this in 5 minutes, I didn’t really use any glue to hold it together permanently, but I may go back and add a little Aleene’s Tacky Glue to attach it to the pumpkin.  The bow covers up the stem, but if you were using a real pumpkin, you could just pull the stem off if that bothered you.

I actually think this would look really cute next to a red painted pumpkin and a turquoise painted pumpkins (like these from my friend Jen of Tatertots & Jello). I love the idea of non-traditional Halloween pumpkins, don’t you?

Until next time Swellions!


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