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tupperware pitcher

I decided to make some sweet tea tonight and I pulled out my tried and true orange/red Tupperware pitcher. Somewhere through the years, this pitcher was passed down to me, probably switched out for a nicer, newer version. This pitcher is probably as old as me and has always been used for sweet tea and kool-aid. I vaguely recall a couple of tupperware parties as a child and I still love opening up my grandmother’s cabinet to reveal tupperware lids in graduated sizes hanging from a special tupperware lid holder (they matched her colorful assortment of nested plastic Tupperware). Nothing really much beats this. The only thing I can possibly think that would come close would be this. I can’t ever see myself giving this pitcher away.


I started to look in my kitchen for other items I remember from childhood that were passed down. Most of those items are long gone, but I do have a few. One of my favorite kitchen sets is my silverware. My mom gave me her old set and told me that she was given it as a wedding present in the late 60’s. I love how classic and modern it still looks and I still get compliments and questions on where I got it. I also have a lot of it. She must have gotten like 20 sets, so I guess I will never run out!

floral pan

This was a piece of a pot and pan set from the 80’s that I still have 3 pieces of. I can’t really say that I love it or find it pretty. It’s more campy to me now, but it is something I remember making hot dogs and chili in a log (I can thank my dad for making me that one and yes it was that bad!) back in the day.

blue glassware

These blue sundae glasses belonged to my biological mom who passed away when I was little. Several people have told me how much she loved them and I’m glad that it is something I still have. I have yet to use them for anything, though, and I feel like I really should at some point. They would be so sweet to use for a summer sundae bar. And if I had one of those, you better believe I would bring out the works…whip cream, chopped nuts, chocolate chips, sprinkles, all kinds of sauces. Just like the way I used to love to make them at Ponderosa! If that is the case, then I better add in gummy bears for good measure.

The only other kitchen dinnerware that I wish I had a few pieces of (I’m pretty sure my mom would give me some if I asked) were these Corelle avocado green lined floral plates…

I grew up with these plates

Actually, I ripped this image from Apartment Therapy and they had a great post on them that you should check out! Check it out here. I’m pretty confident if you are a 70’s or 80’s child like me you dined on these at one point or another.

Until next time Swellions. Have a happy, happy hump day!

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Let’s here it for the toys…

Every now and then I think back on some of the things that used to be a part of my life. I think in general, it’s actually quite sad how easily we forget the things in our life that brought us so much joy. It’s funny how a picture or seeing a random image on a web site during a routine google search can bring back so many great memories. Today, I wanted to really do some searching and think back to my childhood and the things that brought be happiness. I didn’t have a lot of toys compared to what we see with kid’s these days (I always yearned for a Snoopy Slushie maker, Barbie dream house, Teddy Ruxspin, and actual “real” Cabbage patch kid…mine was homemade without the Xavier Roberts on the butt), but I wanted to share my thoughts on a few of my childhood treasures…

Peaches and Cream Barbie
peaches and cream barbie
I thought this Barbie was so beautiful. I loved her chiffon peach dress and the iridescent sparkle of her bustier. I think I actually ended up dying the hair on the doll pink with Kool-Aid (she suffered far less than the pretty brunette barbie I gave a mohawk to). I think she’s still in an old musty suitcase at my parent’s house and the dress tossed in there somewhere too. I should rescue her before anything might happen to her.

The Barbie Hair Twirler
hair twirl
I was in constant awe of this thing. I’d twirl Barbie’s hair, then my own, and back and forth. I think you could even add in ribbon to add a ribbon twirl. I do remember; however that the little clips would never stay shut and midway through a twirl, the hair would pop out and you’d have to start over.

The Popples
So technically, I never had an actual plush Popple, but I really wanted one. The closest thing I got to it was this lunchbox. Sad to say, it’s prob. rust in a landfill somewhere. This makes me sad.

Pop Beads
I guess this was my early foray into beading. These were always so much fun and I remember giving these to Jessica Wong and Korey Gray for their birthday (they were cheap too – my mom made me pick out the least inexpensive gift for the both of them) when we were in 3rd grade. It was a sleepover and I remember all the girls played with these things into the night as we watched the Goonies.

Rose Petal Place Daffodil and Rose Dolls
I had both of these dolls. They were very petite little plastic dolls and they actually smell like their respective flowers. I love the little sweet details in this yellow one’s dress and the rose on top of the other one’s head.

Other toys I remember having:

– Jem (her earrings never lit up and I lost a the plastic part that held the battery in place on her back so she had a huge hole in her back…also, she had the BIGGEST feet)

– My Little Pony Castle and Stable

– A purple cute bug that lit up that also smelled good. I would use it as a flashlight at night, though it didn’t emit that much light.

– A mini plastic care bear (I never had the plush kind)

– A ballerina Barbie knockoff on a pedestal that would spin around and do different moves. My cousin Bethany wore it out the first night that I got it and it never worked again.

There are a whole lot more toys out there that I had, but they elude me and even the best google search proved fruitless! Maybe one of these days I’ll stumble upon one of them and it will bring back another long lost memory!

Until next time Swellions!


I love the 80’s

You can’t tell, can you?

in it's element

Yeah, I’m a fan. I took this today. Thought I would share.

I had a craft show last weekend. Made a lot o’ stuff, but sold very little.

Woe is me.

I just have to find my right market/niche. It is frustrating. Gotta get in gear, focused and organized. Last I looked, buttons were haphazardly strewn all over my living room. Ahhhhh. Attack of the buttons. i guess that wouldn’t be the worst thing, though.

So much to do, so little time, but for those who actually read my blog, this is the story of my life. I need to get a new one, don’t I? It’s like a broken record.

Speaking of records, my brother used to play all kinds of good tunes back in the 80’s…lotsa Duran Duran,. Tears for Fears, and Thompson Twins. I actually still have the first record I ever bought….Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All”. She was my idol back in the day. Love the look she had going on here with a passion (as seen in her “I wanna dance with somebody video”. There was a dress in particular that intriqued me…it was red with one sleeve long and one sleeve sleeveless. So cool.