Vintage Halloween photos make me happy

Photo by Shane Woodall via Flickr

Everytime I see a little kid wearing a plastic costumee or an uncomfortable plastic mask, I get a little giddy. I guess part of it is because it was a much simpler time where people didn’t spend boatloads of money. A plastic costume from the local department store was like gold and would make you feel super special!

I think why I love this time is the imperfection. I love that the photos were blurry, off center and posed. We are so about getting the “perfect” photo these days with our digital camera. I love that these are awkward. You know Mom or Dad only took a couple of photos that night and didn’t process the photos till after Christmas!

Here’s some super cutes ones I found that I think you’ll like too!

Darth Vader and friends
Photo by GrimAlkin via Flickr

Hamburglar Part I
Photo by The Small Cat Club via Flickr

Photo by Dig Doug via Flickr

Halloween 1982
Photo by Star Berry Shyne via Flickr

Were you a kid of 70’s or 80’s and totally can relate to these photos? I was! I can’t remember too many of my costumes of yesteryear, but I do remember being a ballerina wearing a green sequined tutu in first grade. In 5th grade, I remember being a mouse and wearing a grey sweatsuit with a plastic mouse snout. What were you for Halloween when you were a kid?

Until next time Swellions!