32 Things about Me

1. Where is your cell phone: charging in my bedroom.

2. Your hair: is in dire need of a cut right now. Also, I used to hate it, but I’ve grown into it.


3. Your mother: Is one of the most talented ladies I know.

my mom

4. Your father: Is very honest, true to his word and amazingly gifted at fixing ANYTHING.

roadside portrait

5. Your favorite food: Don’t know that I can pinpoint just one, but in no particular order…ice cream, salted peanuts in the shell, black bean soup, Stove top stuffing, and the cookies my sis makes at Christmas!

6. Your dream from last night: I can’t remember, but I dream quite often. Last week, Cindy Crawford was in my dream. Random!


7. Your favorite drink: Diet coke with lemon from Sonic, Dr. Pepper when I’m being bad. Oh, and coffee. I love coffee (but not super strong!).

stars without the bucks

8. Your dream/goal: I have lots, big and small. Would like to eventually have my own published craft book, see more cool places, find love, and live life to the fullest

9. What room are you in: Dining room/computer nook

2009-01-29 23:05:11 -0800

10. What is your hobby: Doing all things creative…crafting, taking photos, blogging, jewelrymaking, whatever strikes my fancy.

11. What is your fear: I really hate snakes.

little green snake

12. What did you do last night? Went to Panera with Katie and walked around Sierra Vista mall…afterward fell asleep early then woke to do a blog post.

13. Something you are not: Quiet.

14. Muffins: Love me some lemon poppy seed and pumpkin/chocolate chip. But any will really do!

muffin tops

15. Wish list items: gumball machine, laptop (yes, even though I just got a desktop computer, I still want my own laptop), a housekeeper.

16. Where did you grow up: In this house:

Where I grew up

17. Last thing you did: Unsuccessfully attempted a blog post of some cool things I like…I failed and went back to finish this list.

18. What are you wearing: Jeans, blue and black striped shirt, my glasses (of course)…pretty much what is in this photo (I show off this photo way too much, but I love it).

swell jump

19. Your TV: Not on. Not usually on on a Wednesday night (except during American Idol season)

20. Your pets: Pixie, she’s super skiddish.

classic pix

21. Your friends: Are spread all over the place and very near and dear to my heart. Admittedly, I need to keep in better touch!

22. Your life: is something new every day.

23. Your mood: Honestly, a little drained.

24. Missing someone: My Grandmother (she passed away this past July).

Grandmother 2

25. Vehicle: Toyota Corolla (little things have been falling off of it lately like the clearcoat on my spoiler and a plastic insert on the front panel…urgh!)

my corolla

26. Something you’re not wearing: shoes or makeup.

27. Your favorite color: Brights like orange and red.

paper lanterns

28. When’s the last time you laughed: Today, of course. I admittedly laugh at my own jokes.

29. When’s the last time you cried: Hmm, I guess feeling overwhelmed last week, but only briefly. I don’t get down for too long!

30. One place you go over and over: Panera Bread. I go like once a week. I can’t help it.


31. One person who emails me regularly: My mom.

32. Favorite store: Target (it has the best of everything I like)

Target entrance

Hope you enjoyed this little factoid list. Post it on your blog and share some things about yourself as well. These are always fun to do!

Until next time Swellions!


25 random things about me

1) I now live in California. This is the first time I’ve ever lived outside the state of Kentucky.

I haven’t gotten the question, “Do you wear shoes in KY” yet while living in California. I’ve been trying to change the stereotype of Kentuckians by just representin’ while I’m out here.

3) I live in the more rural area of the state (not affected by Hollywood). It’s the part of the state where a lot of the produce in our grocery stores come from.

4) I have a cat named Pixie who’s black, but she’s not scary in the least (more scaredy). Since moving to California, I’ve noticed she’s gotten more lax though, which makes me happy.

5) I usually don’t do posts like this, but since I’m a) alone right now and b) have no one else to hang out with here since I know hardly anyone, I figure it would be something to do on this Saturday evening.

6) I am a pretty good cook and especially like baking, but I hardly ever do it (cooking for one person is hard, y’all). I can make a mean peanut butter pie and lemon oatmeal cookie.

I always am rooting for Britney Spears to succeed.

8) I can’t wait till I actually own my own place and can’t paint really cool colors and designs on the wall!

9) I once ratted out a friend in 1st grade who copied my work. I recently reconnected with her on facebook.

10) I used to love New Kids on the Block with a passion, but I’m not all that excited about their comeback.

11) I recently rode (with my dad driving) across country in 2.5 – 3 days. You can do it if you ride all day and stop very little…that’s the trick.

12) I have been missing all my friends and family and wish that I could teletransport them to my new area right now.

13) I love Lost, but am not always smart enough to figure out everything. That’s why I rely on recaps online.

I am not missing the ice back home right now, but I do feel for those going through it like my parents who might not get electricity back for 2 weeks!!!

15) I have a bike that I need to seriously start riding.

16) I can’t keep a pair of earrings together to save my life…so never buy me expensive earrings (or jewelry for that matter). Target jewelry is just fine! Oh, and I make jewelry, but don’t wear a lot of my own stuff.

17) The tree that I swung under at my parent’s house just fell onto their house thanks to the ice storm. Hopefully not much damage, but this saddens me cause I used to swing and make up silly songs while doing so as a child.

18) I was on swim team for one season as a child. My best stroke was breast stoke, but I wasn’t naturally gifted at it.

I used to kiss a poster of the band Bon Jovi every night before I went to bed. I got it out of a magazine called Hot Dog that I got from the Scholastic book order. Back then, I liked the keyboardist best, but now not so much.

20) I recently had good Meditterarean (sp?) food and I’m so picky when it comes to that stuff…btw way it was at the Olive Tree in Lexington.

21) I hate hearing the words, “the economy”, but find myself saying it from time to time.

22) I have never been on a cruise or to any tropic island, but would love to go some day.

23) I find myself watching crappy reality TV alot…like Rock of Love, Real/Chance of Love, that kinda stuff. I guess it’s my guilty pleasure.

I like Facebook a lot more than Myspace.

25) I saw Paris Hilton in person last week at CHA (Craft and Hobby Association show). The crowd around her was ridiculous…but I guess I added to it, huh?

Saturday swell and random facts

Because sometimes a band-aid just isn't enough
1. The biggest prize I ever won was a computer for a Design an Ad contest for the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer newspaper. I was even competitive and driven back then. I actually had entered the year before and was featured, but didn’t win. The second year, I came up with a concept and really thought about ad copy and design. At this point in my life, I had a basic understanding of ads and layout and that is what you see here. I guess I always intuitively had a graphic style to my artwork even before that, so it makes sense that I’m a graphic designer now. Anyway, the computer was a Hewlett Packard (not really all that great, but it did the trick at the time). I took it to college with me. I remember at the time, I got no recognition for this at my high school. They only seemed to focus on announcing sports recognitions. My high school wasn’t known for it’s academics, really, and they didn’t stress it, so needless to say I was disappointed.

4th grade
2. I have worn glasses since the second grade. Both my mom and dad both have glasses, so I guess it only makes sense that I have poor eyesight as well. I went through a phase in high school and college where I wore hard contacts for appearance sake. I didn’t like my glasses and I thought I looked prettier without them. I’m greatful, though that I found a pair that reflect more my retro/modern style. I actually love wearing them now.

3. I prefer baths to showers. Always have since being a little girl with wrinkly prune fingers. I guess I just find it more relaxing sitting than standing and I also like to write and read while I’m taking a bath. Seems like I always have to be making something of every little ounce of my time.

4. The first record I ever bought was Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All”. I was so inspired by her and found her to be the most beautiful woman on earth with her mega-wattage smile. I also think she just represented that time period for me…I loved the colors she wore and the very 80’s vibe she put off in her videos. I even wrote an article in high school about her inspiring me for this senior writing project thing we had to do for the state. I actually still have the record, but it’s broken now.

I come cheap
5. My friends say that if there were faux senior superlatives, I would win for “Always having a cheesy song for every occasion” and “Best funny faces”. I guess it’s true, if we were to have a conversation, and you say a certain word, I can come up with a random song from my head to go with that word. My sister said it reminded me of a patient she had that had head trama (she’s a speech pathologist) who did the same thing. Thanks sis! Ha ha. As for the funny face thing, I used to be uber serios when it came to my faces in pics, but with the whole digital camera thing and having so many different, unlimited pics, I guess I’ve eased up and have more fun with it. Also, I guess I try to hide my double chin a lot and anything to defer from that is a good thing.

Well gotta go pack and get my camera ready for a big photo taking day back in my hometown.

Until we meet again, Swellions…