A pretty good evening and here’s why!

stuffed stickers

I had a pretty good evening! After work, despite not getting to use my 25% off coupon, I purchased the cute Pixie Cat stuffed stickers above and the Envirotex Lite below! I don’t know what exactly I want to make, but I’ve been itching to create something with this stuff again!

envirotex lite

Then I stopped at Pizza Hut and got a supreme personal pan and some breadsticks! Yum. I had been craving it all day. The weird thing? When you order it, the name of the combo is PH1. Odd. Sounds very clinical.

pizza hut for dinner

When I got home, a photo I ordered from my friend Chris was waiting in my mailbox. So I guess it looks kinda weird I ordered a pic of myself, but I love it and it reminds me of that day that I spent with him and I cherish that time. It makes me feel good.

swell jump

And I was looking forward to Idol all day. Honestly, I like both Adam and Kris. I think Adam should win though. He has the charisma and personality and he’s never made any major missteps. Kris sings more the style of music that I like to listen to and I hope he can go far. I loved how he arranged Kanye’s “Heartless”.


Going to work on a project for my mom and chill out on the internet before bed tonight. It’s been a good week so far!

Until next time Swellions!


Too much?

I was just browsing American Idol’s website and came upon this.

They are now offering downloads of the songs sang each week on their site for 99ยข each, oh and the video for $1.99.

Whoever came up with this idea is making the show tons of money! At the same time, it kinda sickens me how they pimp these performers out just to earn an extra dime.

The show is fun and entertaining…a pop culture phenomenon. It just goes to show through the downloads, how they are feeding into the public’s “give it to me now” attitude. A couple years from now, I doubt most people will be able to even remember the name Phil Stacy. I mean, I would be able to tell you, but I have an appetite and memory for such obscure things.

Just goes to show how we feed off this pop culture crap, myself included.

The funny thing about cafepress…

I have had my cafepress shop for about a year and a half or so now. I like
that I get a check each month that covers a major bill or extra expenses.
That’s nice. It’s just funny, though the things I notice about my designs
that I upload…

For starters, I typed in knitting and my design popped up first on the
best-selling list…this one…

black shirt

This is all well and good, but considering I have sold only 1 t-shirt with
the image on it, I hardly call that a best-seller. I’m assuming the
Cafepress gods are dictating the designs that they like to fall under the
categories that they see fit. I don’t mind that mine is considered a
bestseller…it’s actually good exposure for me, I just find it funny.

I also am amused, flattered, and annoyed by the fact that several of my
original sayings are getting knocked off. For example, I came up with, “I
knit, therefore I rock!” About 2 other people have ripped that off. My
phrase, “I’ve got a glue gun and I’m not afraid to use it” has also been
ripped off by a few. Kinda makes my vindictive side want to rip off one of
their designs. I don’t take too much offense, considering that I scour the
net and in knitting books for clever sayings.


It’s not like I have a copyright on it or anything, so I guess I can’t be too miffed.

I did put up some new American Idol designs tonight. I always try to think about what I want to convey before I put it up there. I mean, I research just the right font, just the right saying, etc. I even looked up to see if Blake Lewis (the AI beatboxer) had a nickname. Next week, I’m def. going to look in the audience at the signs to get a feel for the “catch phrases” people are coining their favorite idols. It’s kinda hard to tell at this point.