Pumpkin Painting Idea Center

The pumpkin bunch

Hello all. I don’t don’t know if I officially told you about this, but I wanted to direct you over to my work’s web site to check out the bevy of fun and inspiring pumpkin painting ideas! This is a little graphic I whipped up for the home page. Our designers are super talented and come up with the best ideas for transforming painted pumpkins, so it’s never hard for me to create a graphic with a lot of personality!

The site features over 40 pumpkin painting ideas as well as other fun Halloween craft projects, from wearables to accessories to d├ęcor! There really is a style of pumpkin or craft for everyone! Also on the site is a section of tips and techniques, telling you exactly how to prepare your pumpkin. Other sections are “How to throw a pumpkin painting party” and “how to display your painted pumpkins”. The creative departments really worked hard to bring you these fun ideas, so check it out today!

Click here to check out the site! Please stop by and paint a spell, won’t you?

Do you have a fun painted pumpkin idea? I’d love to see it. Leave a link in my comment box and I’d love to share!

Until next time Swellions!


Swell takes on the 127 yard sale!

This weekend I went to the US Highway 127 yard sale right outside Frankfrot. I just went to a couple of hours (we actually tried going the other way, but couldn’t figure out what way to take 127 through Frankfort)…I didn’t make a weekend trip of it like a lot of people do, but I got a taste of what they had to offer on the yard sale route. I’m really not that much of a yard saler, but I figure that the people during this yard sale bring out all the stops and it’s a neat, little slice of Americana that was practically in my backyard, so it is totally stupid for me not to go. I saw the cheap, the tacky, the kitschy, the weird, and the lame. I also had a funnel cake for good measure. Here’s some funny pics from my experience and what I ended up picking up!

a swell seal of approval

I was so excited that I had to do a dance.

I saw some really swell things…

Well, this actually scared me a bit. I like 1950’s stuff, but I would rarely ever want to dress that way. Looking good back then was so hard to maintain…here’s evidence in this product:
this makes me glad I'm not from this era

Some cool paint by number and retro paintings…
right up eartha's alley

Why didn’t Bruce Willis become a huge singing superstar like David Hasselhoff?
forget die hard, he should be known for this!

Hey look! It’s me in a sea of stuff!
in a sea of junk or should that be treasures

Oh my! My family had this vacuum cleaner. I hated that thing. It was so hard to take apart. I actually think my mom still has it.
my mom still has this vacuum

Here is what I bought:

Look, I added 4 new raisins to my collection!

I actually bought these Magnum P.I. cards to give away to my friends as fun lil’ gifts.
this is what I bought

I saw some neat retro jewels, but for $5 for the whole bag, I got quite a bit for my buck with these…
beads and baubles

Oh, and here’s one for all the ladies (it is rare that you will find half naked men coming from me, but I couldn’t resist). I bought this calendar. The pictures were sooooo cheesy and the notations inside cracked me up (by a 16 year old girl who documented a new kid’s on the block concert, her driver’s license test, and Patrick Swayze’s birthday). Click on the pic to see more funny stuff inside it if you dare go there!
ladies, eat your heart out!

Well, gotta go get ready for another week ahead, Swellions. Agh. Weekends really do go by too fast!