Animal photo love

Tonight I totally staged this photo of our bearded dragons. William put them in the windowsill. OK, that wasn’t my idea. But it was my idea to put their little claws on top of each other and look like they were looking toward a long life together.  Haha. I’m so not above a cute staged photo.

Here’s one, though, I didn’t stage.  Dexter was seeing a weird shadow in the canvas. At one point he was totally standing up on the back of his hind legs. I wasn’t quick enough to that party, but I was able to capture him contemplating his work of art.  I like to call him “Pawcasso”.

And here’s a typical Pixie look.  She and Dexter have a love/hate relationship. Most times it ends up with him chasing her, her violently screaming and him jumping on her. This picture is funny cause she has that little tinge of fear in her eyes at the site of him, knowing he could come chase her at any minute.  You wouldn’t think the black cat would be the scared one, but she is.

I take more photos of these little demons (yes, I called them demons) on my Instagram account. If you have an iPhone or Android, I’d love it if you followed me for other daily random snippets from my life. My user name is Swelldesigner.

So do you take way to many photos of your pets? Or is it just me?

Until next time Swellions!


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