Inspiration is EVERYWHERE you look!

Yeah, I find tons of inspiration online for things that influence my projects, but getting out and shopping and actively looking for stuff can be super inspiring as well.

Case in point: This canvas from World Market is soooo pretty. I love all the shapes (it kinda looks like doilies) and the colors as well as the use of texture that rose off the canvas. To me, it looks like it merges a modern look with an abstract/organic look and I love that. That’s what I would define my overall style being.

Inspiration at World Market

I love the abstraction and metallic paint used on this shirt from New York and Company. The beads give it an artsy/layered look as well. I think this look could easily be replicated using your own Soft paint and beads. Maybe not on a shirt, but perhaps on a pillow or canvas. If you see an idea you like, you may need to think of it in a different way…maybe you may not WEAR it, but you would love to have that look as a d├ęcor accent. Keep an open mind when you are out and about.
Inspiration at Lerner

I love these retroesque kitchen sets at Target. The colors are just so bold and fresh. Of all the pieces, I’m tempted to buy the red bread box. I don’t know what it is lately, but I can’t get enough of red! I also need a paper towel holder as well, but I spent over $150 at Target today and that was way over my limit! Anyway, what I take away from this is that a retro look can be upscaled to have a more contemporary flair. Just by adding that little side pane window on the canister set, it made it much more modern. If you love making retro art or accents, how can you give it a twist that will make it totally different? I think that’s always a challenge to us artists. By taking it to that next step, you can make something totally new and inventive and it just takes a small tweak. It really will make you stand out from the crowd if you are able to make your look different!

I’ve been busy cleaning up my studio. It’s a lot of work cause it was super unorganized, but I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. YAY! I bought some cool new IKEA wall shelves, desk, and some other fun accents I plan on sharing real soon!

Hope you have a great week!

Until next time Swellions!


At the Art Fair

Yesterday I went to the Woodland Art Fair here in Lexington. I always enjoy going to art fairs and do whenever I get the chance (actually next month, I’m going to the Chicago Renegade Craft fair and am getting psyched about that). I will have to say that in years past the Woodland Fair has kind of disappointed me…seems like the same stuff over and over and nothing fresh and new. The organizers must have sensed that, because this year there was all kinds of inspiring finds! A lot more photography, mixed media pieces and the like. I also noticed there wasn’t as much jewelry and I’m kinda glad. I’m all about the jewelry, but sometimes I notice at these art fairs that everything looks exactly alike! It’s disappointing. I want to see new techniques and new innovation, not the same stuff over and over.

Being a vendor at one of these must be tough these days. I can’t imagine that a lot of people have a whole lot o’ expendible income for large pieces. I value art, but I think even sometimes I’m a bit jaded by the pricing. I can’t really understand why it costs $4500 for a basic painting. I know that people play up their prices so that it seems more one of a kind and a high end commodity, but I guess I expect it to be earth shattering for it to be so high. I don’t know.

I honestly didn’t have any money to buy anything, but I did partake in the kettle korn. Yummy kettle korn…I have to get it every year! Anyway, here’s some of my favorite things from the stop. If I had the money to spend (actually several of these were very reasonable), I would have jumped on some of these pieces…

These metalwork flowers caught my eye. Love the orange and red shimmer and shine!
metalwork flowers

These photo canvases were beautiful. I really wish I knew how they got their photo transfered onto the canvas. They distressed around the edges and surface as well for a vintage effect.
photo canvases

This is the one I thought to be phenomenal, but way beyond my price range (in the thousands for the whole canvas set)!

I loved these spray painted prints (again, I’m pretty sure they were prints or stencils). They were really cool and retro. I saw a conversion van in the bunch. The textures were so cool.
wood prints

The light on the copper hair of these lawn dancers caught my eye.
tiny dancers

These little mixed media pieces were fun and I loved the combined textures and stenciled designs. Very pretty. I wish I knew how to do more of that.
mixed media

These pieces were steals! I really loved the neat effects on the frames and the linework mixed in with digital design. Fantastic! I’m not sure if it was paint or what. It was on an interesting fabric/muslin surface.
angels among us

Jeremy took a liking to this piece. They were quite fascinating and abstract.
art in question

Oh, and here’s people walking at the fair. It really was a beautiful day. There was a nice breeze going through. Just perfect.
at the art fair

Well, see ya tomorrow Swellions! I can’t believe tomorrow the week starts all over again!

Canvas art, coffee, and glitz

Tonight, I worked on a few canvases like this:

dame canvases 1

I am making them for a friend for her to give for holiday gifts. Adhering printouts to canvas is always tricky. The canvas flexes, dips, and wants to create bubbles. I used an old CD to push the bubbles out and then sprayed it with Preserve your Memories 2.

Also, today, I got a nice surprise waiting at my desk…this…

general foods international

It was General Foods International Coffee in Pumpkin Spice flavor. I actually had bought the kind on the bottom (hazelnut) on Sat. at Target. I never have ever bought that stuff, so to get another tin of it was awesome and in my favorite flavor…pumpkin spice! I will say that the coffee had work has been rather unbearable. My friend Donna usually makes decent coffee, but even hers was ick last week when I had it. I really think it comes down to the pot. It has never been excellent coming from that pot (and I think it is supposed to be one of the more expensive kinds). I’ve been tempted to take my mini coffee maker in just for me and my co-worker, but this new stuff is much better (I like sweet coffee).

Also, at lunch, I had a minor emergency. On my way to grab a bite, I took a look at myself in the mirror and yikes…it was not pretty. I’ve been trying that new Clean and Clear product (they say it has results of clean skin in one day – puleeze). I believe, as I have heard many a time, that with using this type of medication, that it “has to get worse before it gets better”. Hopefully, my better days are just around the corner. Anyway, I had left my makeup accidentally at home, so I had to make a Wal-mart run for some foundation and while there, this caught my eye…

the more things change, the more they stay the same.

It is nice to know that simple things in everyday life, like ribbon, can make me feel happy. It wasn’t the best day, but just thinking about it puts me in a better mood.

I have lots of things to do this week…craft projects for friends, shops, and family. I also have to finalize a lot of gifts. I hope I can get it all done!