5 Swell and random tidbits

I am giving myself 15 minutes to write this blog post today. Must.stay.focused. Sometimes I do it in a rush…other days, it takes 2 hours to post. Ugh, but I’m going out tonight to dinner with Jeremy (not quite sure, but I’ve been wanting to go to the Melting Pot, which just opened up here in Lex). Anyway onto my swell and random tidbits (I always liked the word tidbits, don’t you?)…

1. I just got one of my bracelet designs into a beading magazine and some of my ideas accepted into a CraftStylish publication for the holidays. Some projects I did for the magazine Jewelry Creations should be coming out any day now as well.

2. Picking up photos of the Dame tonight or tomorrow and going to get some mattes and a frame for it. I’m framing an 11×14 version for and then selling prints at Street Scene here in Lex. I inquired about selling something different than my jewelry and they took me up on my offer. The Dame actually was just demolished (it was an iconic nightspot for music here in Lex), so I’m hoping it’s demise will spark some interest in my photos.

3. I’m taking off tomorrow and going to the Kentucky State Fair tomorrow in Louisville with my friend Molly. I’ve lived in KY for close to 30 years and have never been to the fair. I plan on taking my camera and snapping some cool pics!

4. Why does it always weem you have to pay out the wazoo all at the same time/day?? Today I had to fill up my tank, change my oil + get new wiper blades, and pay for a prescription. Grr. I hate that!

5. I’m making some really cute cupcake photo toppers like these for my friend’s b-day this weekend with funny sayings that she says/has said. I think she will get a kick out of it. I don’t have to make the cupcakes, so one less thing I have to do. Seems like my days have been jampacked as of late. I’m a busy girl, just don’t ask me to do anything more!!! I hate that olden’ phrase!

I have one minute to spare. I did it! A successful blog post in 15 minutes. It really can be done!

Until next time Swellions!


At the Art Fair

Yesterday I went to the Woodland Art Fair here in Lexington. I always enjoy going to art fairs and do whenever I get the chance (actually next month, I’m going to the Chicago Renegade Craft fair and am getting psyched about that). I will have to say that in years past the Woodland Fair has kind of disappointed me…seems like the same stuff over and over and nothing fresh and new. The organizers must have sensed that, because this year there was all kinds of inspiring finds! A lot more photography, mixed media pieces and the like. I also noticed there wasn’t as much jewelry and I’m kinda glad. I’m all about the jewelry, but sometimes I notice at these art fairs that everything looks exactly alike! It’s disappointing. I want to see new techniques and new innovation, not the same stuff over and over.

Being a vendor at one of these must be tough these days. I can’t imagine that a lot of people have a whole lot o’ expendible income for large pieces. I value art, but I think even sometimes I’m a bit jaded by the pricing. I can’t really understand why it costs $4500 for a basic painting. I know that people play up their prices so that it seems more one of a kind and a high end commodity, but I guess I expect it to be earth shattering for it to be so high. I don’t know.

I honestly didn’t have any money to buy anything, but I did partake in the kettle korn. Yummy kettle korn…I have to get it every year! Anyway, here’s some of my favorite things from the stop. If I had the money to spend (actually several of these were very reasonable), I would have jumped on some of these pieces…

These metalwork flowers caught my eye. Love the orange and red shimmer and shine!
metalwork flowers

These photo canvases were beautiful. I really wish I knew how they got their photo transfered onto the canvas. They distressed around the edges and surface as well for a vintage effect.
photo canvases

This is the one I thought to be phenomenal, but way beyond my price range (in the thousands for the whole canvas set)!

I loved these spray painted prints (again, I’m pretty sure they were prints or stencils). They were really cool and retro. I saw a conversion van in the bunch. The textures were so cool.
wood prints

The light on the copper hair of these lawn dancers caught my eye.
tiny dancers

These little mixed media pieces were fun and I loved the combined textures and stenciled designs. Very pretty. I wish I knew how to do more of that.
mixed media

These pieces were steals! I really loved the neat effects on the frames and the linework mixed in with digital design. Fantastic! I’m not sure if it was paint or what. It was on an interesting fabric/muslin surface.
angels among us

Jeremy took a liking to this piece. They were quite fascinating and abstract.
art in question

Oh, and here’s people walking at the fair. It really was a beautiful day. There was a nice breeze going through. Just perfect.
at the art fair

Well, see ya tomorrow Swellions! I can’t believe tomorrow the week starts all over again!