Hat Attack


I love to wear hats. When I was growing up, I didn’t wear them much, because school didn’t allow it…also I haven’t been the savviest of dressers over the years, so I was totally clueless how to wear them really. The hat above was made by my friend Pattie! She cut out all of her tags and glued them with Fabric Fusion to a blank cap. How cute is that?

Back to my hat attack…I did buy them and occasionally wear them. In 8th grade, my mom made a bet with me that if I didn’t bite my nails for a week, she would buy me a hat of my choice. I ended up winning the bet and the hat I picked out was only $5 at Afterthoughts. It was a black Fedora-like hat. I think I wore it only a handful of times, then in college I steamed and reshaped it to look like a hat Boy George would proudly wear. I still have it. It’s pretty cool and sequinny.

my Britney look

Then in high school, while I was on golf team, I totally rocked a California Rockies hat. I only rocked the Rockies hat cause the boy I liked at the time also golfed and liked that team. Totally lame-o. So obvious. Here’s a silly drawing of me that I did in that hat (I think I did this my senior year of college).

When I was in college, I rocked the baseball cap along with my Murray State jacket, Adidas sweatpants, and Adidas shoes. I thought I totally rocked that look…it was a really easy and lazy look to pull off. My friend Carl says that when he thinks back on college, he totally remembers me just in that look.

dithered me

And now, I like this type of hat…the Oliver/spinster hat. It is so nice to put it on and just go out…esp. on a bad hair day.

i heart my new hat!

I still would like to go to the Kentucky Derby one day and rock the big hat derby look. That’s one look I totally haven’t mastered. One of these days…ones of these days (you would have thought I would have done that look when I actually lived in Kentucky, but I digress).

Hope you had a great weekend! Until next time Swellions!