Wednesday is Lensday: Close Ups!

So, I haven’t done a “Wednesday is Lensday” in a while, but tonight while thinking about what I was going to post, my heart just wasn’t in it. I felt like expressing myself through my photos and that’s just what I did. The fact that they are Halloween colors, well, that’s what I have laying around the house right now, so it was an immediate go-to. Go figure.

sparkle's edge
Glitter paint in my palette.

chain gang
A new necklace that is made of different types of chain.

bow abstract
This is a close up of an orange foil gift bow. It’s not quite as in focus as I would like, but maybe that makes it cooler? Very abstract, I think.

x marks the spot
A detail of my retro reproduction lamp. I purchased it at Deadly Nightshades about 5 or so years ago. Kinda wish I bought the double lamps. Maybe down the road…

And a little detail of my Cider Web Yankee candle.

Admittedly, when I shoot close up for a while, it sometimes strains eyes, so I have a teeny tiny headache right now. Nevertheless, I hope you found these little orange and yellow photos inspiring!

Until next time Swellions!


Photography from the college years

the ties that bind

The above digital art piece I did was created tonight from this photo that I took for my b/w photography class during my sophomore year of college. I was 20 back then, so 10 years ago to be accurate. Here’s that photo (it’s actually a photo of my photo on matte board, I tried tearing it off to scan it, but I ripped one and thought I’d just photograph them instead):

the web we weave

Back then, I started hitting my groove more toward my senior year of college (if you’re curious, I went to Murray State University in Western KY) and I created a lot of similar photo collages. I loved merging the computer with my artistic photography endeavors. I had a mild clue about composition and subject matter of my photography back then. I just knew what I liked. I liked a lot of reflection, light, introspection and emotion. For some reason, I also really dug this necklace. I thought it had raw symbolism…


My friend and suitemate Laura did a lot of posing for me. She had beautiful hands and features so it worked out quite well. She was always a good sport too and didn’t mind the task. That always made it a lot easier!

no looking back

I have been thinking as of late that I’d like to get my old Pentax back out and start playing around with it. I always love the way the photos look with this camera. There’s something about it that just doesn’t compare to my digital camera (though I wouldn’t give it up for the world). There’s actually a LOT of people you can find out there that still prefer the look of film to digital. My friend Ima loves shooting in film and gets some really great shots like this I went in Urban Outfitters the other day and there were a ton of old school reproduction cameras, so if they carry it, you know it’s a big trend or the next big thing. Check out their stash of cool 35mm and point and shoots (along with film) here. It makes me really want to buy some and start playing around with new techniques.

And I finally leave you with this last image. I developed and processed them myself. I have since forgotten how to do that, which kinda bums me out. It’s a really cool skill to have that is not needed as much in the digital age. In college, I didn’t get a lot of feedback on my photos, but in one portfolio review my teachers told me that my photos were the strongest of my art skills. I wish I would have pursued it more (I never went past the introductory course), but I was totally overwhelmed with my other courses and yearbook, which was practically a full time job in its own. I’m glad I’ve continued to pursue photography. It’s a great creative outlet for me that lets me think outside my crafty box.

my limit

Until next time Swellions!


Beachy Keen!


If you listened to my little podcast yesterday, you would have heard that I went to Laguna Beach this weekend. I went to visit one of my best friends (Carey…she also took the photo above) who is staying down there for a few days with her Aunt. We went out and about in Laguna. It’s the cutest and most quaint little town. Lots of galleries and unique little shops. Yeah, it’s ritzy, but I didn’t feel out of place or anything! Everyone there is incredibly casual and laid back.

We headed down to the actual beachfront and took some pictures. The weather was perfect. It was windy + sunny, so sometimes you felt like you needed your jacket and other times you didn’t. Here’s some fun pictures of our couple hours at the beach!

writing in the sand
Here’s me drawing in the sand. I intend on doing a project based on my drawing and will feature it in the next couple of days, so tune in again tomorrow or Wednesday!

wish you were here
Here’s Carey sitting on the rocks. We took so many photos. It looks like we were the only ones there, but I just happened to take this at an opportune time! People were enjoying the weather and walking up and down the whole time we were there.

wave runner
Whoops. I went a little far out and got my pants wet. Oh well. It was fun, even though I got chilled a bit!

that's a novel idea
Carey is such a ham. I guess I am too. We are very, very silly and posey together!

eyes on display
But she can be serious too. Doesn’t she look beautiful?

wonderfully washed out
And here’s me in serious mode…

solitary subjects
Here’s my artsy attempt. Carey saw the pink balloon off in the distance and I captured it and the seagull.

We had a great time! I’m so glad I was able to hang out with her and see her! She’s always been so supportive of me!

Well back to work! Hope you Swellions have a great rest of your day!