Happy 30th William!!!


This weekend my boyfriend William turned 30! We celebrated in a lot of different ways! I took him out to one of his favorite eateries (Golden Corral, classin’ it up, I know!) and on Sunday his sister planned (and I helped) throw him a birthday party at the Velvet Grill & Creamery in Modesto!!

William's bday cake!!

I thought on a couple instances that he knew what was up, but honestly he was totally oblivious! It was awesome! I bought some mustaches and made buttons for everyone to wear and his sister hired a balloon guy (Steven’s Balloon Art of Modesto). We had a blast. I think it turned out to be a pretty funny and memorable 30th!!!

mustache girl
Here’s Sofie and her mustache. Cute, huh?

party guests and balloons
Here’s the gang with Steven the balloon guy and all their creations!

Get your motor runnin'
Betty and Billy got a cool bike. They put the penguin on top!

William and Randy
Steven brought this balloon creation with him. His name is Randy!

Nice teef, Randy!

dragon fire
William’s cousin Jay got this cool breathing dragon!

He got lots of cool gifts including a couple of really cool tools for him to tinker with!

What do you think? The more that we date, the more we look alike!!

Until next time Swellions!


Goody Goody Gumballs

goody goody gumballs

I’ve had a crazy October and I didn’t even tell you about one of the coolest parts! My b-day was October 1st, and my boyfriend William got me the best gift ever! A gumball machine!

colorful gumdrops

He remembered me telling him that I always wanted one. What a sweetie…he gets me 🙂 There are few things that I go around saying I really want…I guess this makes me kinda hard to buy for cause I tend to buy what I really want. But I’ve always wanted a gumball machine since I was a kid and he got me a cool antique pedestal one! I could even charge for gumballs if I wanted to… I thought about taking it into work and putting it at my workstation – haha, but I think I’ll keep it at home. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to it!

My gumball stand

Best birthday present evah!!!

Until next time Swellions!


I’m 30 today

Today I am 30. I didn’t feel any different turning 30 today than I had turning any of my birthdays in my 20’s. The only twinge I got was seeing 30 in print on a card, but eh, I guess I’ll get over it. Today I still danced a little, did a really bad Sarah Palin impersonation, played my Britney Spears on my Iphone really loud, and slept in. Yeah, nothing has changed. And the day’s not even over yet!

Actually, last night, my friend Molly and I went to Billy’s BBQ, a Lexington establishment (Voted best BBQ in local papers). We were just having a standard conversation when my friend Steve (I finally remembered his blog link!) walked up and sat down. I was like, “Huh?”. It was so surreal. I don’t get to see him too often and it was a super nice treat and super special that he would come all the way from Louisville for my big day. Then about 3 minutes later, Carl walked in. I wasn’t expecting him either. I sat there shocked still when both Carl’s wife, Cynthia and Andrea walked in! They had all come in town just for my day. I had joked to Molly a month or so back that I’ve never had a real “surprise party” and that I’m always hard to be surprised, but she totally got me and she got me good this time! Cynthia, Molly, and Andrea ended up staying the night and we went to IHOP this morning. It was a really good time! I decided to take my b-day off today to hang out with Molly, so it all worked out just as she had planned (MWAH HA HA). It was so nice to spend time with everyone.

Here’s a pic…

30th bday surprise

Well, going to get up and do something! Until next time Swellions!


Wow, the weekend’s over already?

I hate how quickly weekends seem to come and go. I need another day! I’d give my left arm, but I think I might miss it.

I did a whole lot of nuttin’ today. I did craft today and made some jewelry that I plan on submitting to a mag. I also watched a lot of TV. On my set today was MTV’s True Life (I’m Deaf and I’m a Compulsive Shopper), Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood, and Pride & Prejudice (I could watch that one over and over).

I didn’t take too many pics this weekend, but I did take some foodie pics. I made yummy fruit salsa + cinnamon chips. The recipe for these is loosely based on this one…Annie’s Fruit Salsa & Cinnamon Chips. The cinnamon chips are a cinch as well…I just cut up tortillas, spread butter on both sides and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. It is a nice sweet summer treat!

fruit salsa

cinnamon chips

Here’s a pic from my friend Jessica’s 29th b-day gathering on Saturday. She is the last of our little group that is turning 29, so on comes 30 next for all of us. Yikes! Here she is (she’s the brunette) with Dana.


Oh, and Tasha made these really yummy strawberry cupcakes…she’s been getting into cake making as of late. They were so good!!!


This was the group I went to see the Dark Knight with. I ended up seeing it at the drive in and I don’t know that it’s the best venue to see that movie in. It was soooo dark (the lighting in the film) and I couldn’t see details that would have better clued me into what was going on. I don’t know about you guys, but even though it was a good movie, I find action-packed movies like that hard to follow. Maybe I’m a little slow or lacking on the intellectual front? I don’t know. It just seemed that the plot was going back and forth and it was hard to keep up with all the characters. I will say that Heath Ledger was awesome. He stole the movie. He was so freakin’ creepy and the mannerisms and voice was very eerie. It’s so sad that he’s gone!

And finally, wanted to give a shout out to my friend Crafty Chica for her Innovation Award that she won at CHA Summer! Winning an award of this nature is a huge deal and hopefully a great sign of things to come in the marketplace…I’m tickled for her!

Until tomorrow, Swellions!

A quickie

necklace set for sis

This is going to be an off the cuff post today. The photo above is a necklace set I made tonight for my sister. She’s turning 40 and I’m going to Nashville tomorrow to celebrate with my other sisters. We are going to the Taste of Nashville (I hope it is good, cause it is like $55 to go -yikes- but that is where Cynthia (the b-day girl) wanted to go. Then we are going for dancing at Centennial Park afterwards. It’s some Big Band dance…my sister takes ballroom dancing lessons and recently competed, so it is totally her thing.

I have to get up earlier than I would like tomorrow…so like in rougly 7 hours. Not nothin’ new for me, but I do love to sleep in on the weekends and desperately look forward to it. The good thing, though, is that I will see my nephews and niece tomorrow and I’ve been missing them like crazy!

So, I’ve been kinda down about my weight and personal image tonight. I really, really, have to make a change. I have stayed consistently in a weigh range that I’ve been comfortable with for the past 4 or so years and now I’m past that range. I have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet and hate preparing foods. I’m going to have to start doing something…I’ve recently drank some more coffee in the morning and been eating later at night than I did before. I’ve got to cut those things out, cause it is killing me. Also, while I have gotten a brand new bike, I’m going to have to have a consistent exercise approach using it and doing other things. Perhaps I might start eating in and then walking around my building at lunch. That could be a positive thing…just as long as it’s not too scorching.

Anyway, I did want to share a new site I’ve discovered and gotten quite a few blog hits from (as shown in the little box at the bottom right of my blog)…Blog Catalog. It’s a really neat site and has a cool bloggy network. There’s also a lot of great links to my favorite things…crafts, graphics, marketing and blog ideas, and photography.

Oh, and you must check out my very impatient friend, Margot’s spankin’ new video! It’s super swell!

Until Sunday, Swellions (don’t know that I’ll have computer access tomorrow). Have a great one!


The big 2-9.

Today, I turned 29. Don’t really feel 29. A lot of me still feels like a big kid inside. I guess that’s good. I don’t know.

My mom called me and so did all my sister’s. I got serenaded on the phone by Brock and Taylor (so cute). They are so awesome. And Grant (my other nephew) left me a b-day message as well.

My friend’s threw me a luncheon at the park. It was so windy. Here’s a pic of us enjoying the festivities.

Party at the park

And here’s the magazine cover (Southern Living this month) cake that Donna B. (our resident Martha Stewart) made me…

Southern Living cake

I got lots of nice gifts (very Halloween related) that I adore. I love everything Halloweeen…I just don’t know if I have enough places to put all the stuff…

After work, I went to Hobby Lobby. It just opened in Brannon Crossing…I bought some stuff to make a feather Halloween wreath and to make some jewelry.

new Hobby Lobby

After that, I took some photos of random stuff, like this shopping center next door. Love the colors…


And topped it off with dinner at Panera (prepared by Tasha – she’s assistant manager there)


Finally, I watched some Hills and crafted some ID badge holders.

A little cake, some friends, a little crafty shopping, Panera, photo-taking, and crafting to finish it off. It was a good b-day.