Black and White Stripe Love


Planning a Halloween fĂȘte in the next couple of months? Might I suggest black and white striped accents? Black and white stripes are so timely, bold and striking, and look great mixed with pops of color! As you can see above, I mixed together striped feather balls (purchased at Hobby Lobby) with vibrant pops of orange and purple for a spooky table accent. Here’s some other great finds I spotted on the net that hopefully will inspire you to stripe it up this season!

halloween stripes 1

1. Zigzag Retro Swing Dress from Smarmy Clothes on Etsy
2. Black and White striped cupcake liners via Danelle Bourgeois
3. Halloween Fingerless gloves from littlexbekahxbug on Etsy


4. Striped Halloween Wreath from Smile & Wave
5. Striped nails from HeatherFace
6. Striped Ceramic vase from Emilia Ceramics


7. Striped Paper Lanterns via My Little Apartment
8. Paper straws from Homestyle Divas
9. My Fair Lady tiered cake from Peggy Porschen


10. Leg Warmers from Nothing but Costumes
11. Modern Ceramic Bracelet by Sierra Mary Design on Etsy
12. B&W Bed Linens from Horchow

What do you think? Is this a look you would consider giving a go, or is another motif (polka dots, spider webs, etc.) on your mind? I’d love to hear about it!!

Until next time Swellions!


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