Easy Rhinestone Easter Eggs

These might just be the easist Easter eggs to make on the planet! And they are so, so sparkly and super fun for a little centerpiece or to display as an easy décor accent.

You just need some inexpensive plastic Easter eggs and some stick-on rhinestones!  I liked this super pretty set from the Target craft aisle.  Other than that, you need to arrange the rhinestones in a pattern around your egg in color or shape order.  You could also mix it up and do all of one size of rhinestone or apply the rhinestones like polka dots. It’s up to you and your creativity!

I did end up using the rhinestones pretty fast and kinda wish I got another set. Just an FYI if you plan on making quite a few.

I decided to set mine on a bed of glitter paper!  I think these could also look pretty on a glitter dish or in a glitter accented jar.  I’m not sure I can handle all the bling!  It’s giving my eyes sparkle overload!!

Until next time Swellions!


It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that bling!

ring and earring set

A fun and quickie post today! I am really going to focus in on making most of my gifts for my friends (my fam is a whole other story), but I made this little ring and earring set in 10 minutes tonight and for only around $5 in all!

It always cracks me up when scrapbook mags and décor mags say, “Make this for under $10”. Well, in order to make it you have to have the initial tools to do it and those cost a heck of a lot more than the actual supplies. So, it was about $5, but I already have the tools and supplies to make it.

I really do recommend this type of idea, though. The initial purchase of some basic pliers, wire, glue (my fave is E-6000) and ring blank to make this is an AWESOME investment. You can buy these things and make hundreds of gifts! I’m totally all about the buttons! This one cost around $3, but a lot of times you can get a giant plain and decorative button bin of them at the craft store for $5. Also peruse the clearance aisles for 25¢ button deals as well. They can be a big steal. Also, you can find these big prisms for the earrings at a lot of craft stores, but I actually found mine in the ornament section at Wal-mart. Keep your eyes peeled for things you can turn into jewelry! I’m always scouting out little doo dads that would make cool jewelry. Now, I will admit, these things are REALLY big, but my friend Molly (who I am making them for and who I know doesn’t read my blog) will love them. She doesn’t mind wearing heavy earrings in the name of style. I think she will love wearing this little, or should I say BIG? bling set.

Oh, and for all those looking for ring blanks, you can get a slew of them for cheap at
Art Chix Studio! You may want to stock up. What a CHEAP & EASY gift idea for all your friends, family, and co-workers. Everyone who I know smiles when they see my stash of colorful rings I make…from young to old!

OK, I promise not to use so many UPPERCASE fonts next time Swellions!

Until next time!