My simple 5-minute Boo-yah pumpkin

Tonight I made the simplest pumpkin EVER.  I have been going around saying this phrase for a couple years now and I thought it would be appropriate to finally make a pumpkin dedicated to it!  I simply stuck scrapbook stickers on a pumpkin. I did color over them with a Sharpie, cause I didn’t like the pink color they were.  Yep, nothing mind-blowing, but this would be great to give as a gift for a b-day or as a dinner guest. Personalize with a few stickers and voila!, you’ve got an instant conversation starter.

I have a few more pumpkin projects in the works!  This month seems to already be flying by too fast. This weekend, I truly intend on decorating.  I’ve got my box of Halloween goodies ready to decorate, just not a clean slate to work with.  Gotta get on it!  I’ll be sure to share results when I actually accomplish something!

Until next time Swellions!


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