The Swell Shop is open for business!


Hey guys! I just opened a shop on Etsy filled with colorful, artful digital prints of some of my favorite craft supplies (I’m betting they’re some of yours too!). Right now I only have 7 images up in my shop for purchase, but I plan on putting more up as time allows. I will in the next few days also be offering some specials, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Setting up one of these shops isn’t a LOT of work, but it is time consuming and not something you can just do on a whim. I had to research professional phtoography sources, create a banner, research prices for photography, and now I have to actually think about colors for photo backgrounds, etc. I think so far that the shop looks pretty vibrant and colorful and I plan to keep it that way. I am a busy gal as most of you guys prob. already know. My mind is racing a mile a minute and since I love photography and it is relatively easy to organize to sell, I figured it would be a good item for me to sell on my etsy shop. I may in the future sell some other stuff, but for now I’m going to try to stay focused just on the photography and see where and if that takes me anywhere! I’m hoping. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I’ve been wanting to open up a shop for a while, but I’ve not just sat down and focused on it. I did reach out online, since I’m new to the area and found out that several ladies wanted to create a Central California Etsy group! So, now I’m on board with that as well. I hope to get involved and get to know some of those ladies! That should be super fun to interact with some other creative people in the area.

Please hop on over there and check out my shop and send your friends over there if you think they might like my stuff. Please feel free to send me any suggestions or ideas you have for future photos as well!

Oh, and on a closing unrelated note, Britney Spears is the new face of Candies. Check out the video below of her Candies shoot as well as scenes from her Circus tour, which starts tomorrow in New Orleans. I really wish I were lucky enough to go see it. I’m betting it would be a blast! Her costumes look pretty over the top as do the props. I signed up on the Candie’s site to win concert tickets in L.A., but yeah, I’m betting that’s going to happen.

Until next time Swellions!


A random Monday

I got back from my Asheville trip! I had been feeling so detached from it all. I was around a computer (a laptop). I have never been one to fully grasp the mouse on a laptop. I just scroll so slowly. If I get one, you better believe that it will come with a mouse attachment!

So, here’s some random stuff going on in my world:

1) I made this necklace tonight:


I am sooooo picky about my own personal style of necklaces that I wear. I like a little chunk, a little funk, and a lotta color. I’m not really into dainty or uber sparkly things. I do like a little bit of glam every now and then, but restrained myself on this piece.

2) I got a new hot pink coat (Land’s End from Sears), new scarf, new gloves, and new iphone cover (Thanks Chris . As shown here:

At the vacation house

The iphone colors always are very dull. The coat is def. brighter than this salmony color it looks here!

3) I didn’t buy a single souvenir. I personally am not much of a souvenir person…sometimes I do like getting a t-shirt or wearable item, but that’s about it. As you saw in my rather unsuccessful attempt, I tried to give away a whole bunch o’ stuff last week, so the last thing I need is more stuff to bring home. If it was uber kitschy, then maybe, but I can do without a Biltmore mug or mousepad.

4) While I enjoyed the Britney documentary last night, I still think she didn’t totally answer everything people are dying to know about. But, I do feel for her, and I think in her world, she has to keep some things left unsaid to protect herself. The paparazzi are so nuts. I can’t imagine how scary it must be to deal with them everywhere you go.

5) Oh, and here’s my adorable nephews and niece dressed in their Christmas duds (the lighting was so sunny and splotchy…it was so hard to get a good pic!). I’ll try to post some more trip pics when I get the chance!

Taylor & Brock


I was watching the Parent Trap yesterday (on briefly) and I discovered that my niece looks a lot like Lindsey Lohan in that movie. I’m comparing her to the old Lindsey, not the Lindsey she has become.

Anywho, what’s new in your world Swellions? Hope everyone had a swell Turkey weekend!

You go girl!

britney's back y'all

My friend Chris says I have a “girl crush” on Britney Spears. I don’t know what qualifies really as a “girl crush”, but I can’t really say that that is why I like her. I’ve always liked the girl…at the height of her fame and even in her low points. I don’t know what it is. It just seems that the media has a way of building up and breaking down people and I can’t imagine how crazy and stressful it must be to be in the limelight.

I’m just glad that it looks like she has bounced back from a very low point. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that her parents and family are now an active role in her life and that she’s around people that genuinely care about her well being. It was so sad last year seeing her being taken advantage of by scummy people. It seemed they were using her for her fame and money during a very low mental point in her life.

So, I am super excited that Brit Brit one three moon men tonight. She really has deserved them. I think and hope that this is a happy time in her life and that she’s able to continue to grow in positive leaps and bounds.

I guess I just like to see people happy, even ones I don’t really know.

In a totally non-related note, I wanted to share this picture…I’m gearing up for my Terrorific Tuesday project. Here’s a sneak peak…

sneak peak

Until next time Swellions!