Candy Corn Crayon Pumpkin DIY

I love the colors of candy corn, so I was inspired by them this year for my front porch decorations!  I created several pumpkins including a Chevron Candy Corn Pumpkin and paired them with my Candy Corn Vases for a pretty display, but I needed just one more pumpkin and I knew the perfect technique…one that I’ve had a lot of luck with…the Crayon Drip Pumpkin!  You can see my post from last year where I did this pumpkin in a rainbow of colors here. This version is more subtle and much more fallish.   I love them both.  Here’s how you can get this candy corn look!

What you need:  

–White pumpkin
– orange and yellow crayons (already unwrapped)Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
– a hair dryer
– surface cover/poster board

Lay down your surface cover before you begin. First open up the Tacky Glue and squeeze out some around the stem.  You may wonder why you need glue…well, if you don’t have atleast a little bit of glue, this project will turn into a hot mess and all your crayons will fly all over the place. And let me just say, you don’t want melted crayons on your wall or carpet.

Break up your crayons and place in orange and yellow intervals around the entire stem.
Let the glue dry atleast a few minutes before you move onto the next step to secure them in place.

Now turn your hair dryer on low and start melting the crayons.  I recommend getting the crayons started on low before you turn it on full blast.  When you do turn it on high, the crayons will start melting at a rapid rate…

…as you can see here. Continue melting until almost all your crayons are melted. Notice the splashes of crayon and wild crayon that flew off onto the surface cover.

You can make some of the crayon run down the pumpkin by pointing the blow dryer downward.  I think this makes for a cooler, more abstract drip look! Also, it doesn’t leave clumps of crayons in some spots and not others.

Let the pumpkin dry for just a few minutes and you have a cool new pumpkin to put on display!

I love mixing and matching my pumpkins on my porch!

Here’s my little display. I bought the chair and side table/cardboard whatchamacalit at a local rummage sale for $20.  I love that they were already perfectly distressed!

Which version do you like better, the rainbow drip pumpkin or candy corn crayon pumpkin?

Until next time Swellions!

Candy Corn Chevron Pumpkin DIY

Screen shot 2014-09-05 at 11.12.43 PM
These days, I can’t seem to get enough of candy corn!  You may have seen one of my other candy corn projects…the vases, the wreath, button pumpkin, or even the onesie.  I just love orange and yellow in general, so that explains my fascination with the motif.
Fun random fact:  As a child I would always press the candy corn on the plate or table and flatten out the white part of the candy before I would eat it.  I know that isn’t THAT fascinating, but I do recall liking to eat them as a 3 or 4 year old.  So I guess you can say that’s where this all began…
Here’s what you need to get started:
– White pumpkin (real or faux)
Tulip Slick paint in orange and yellow
– Painter’s tape
Using the masking tape, make your chevron stripes and press firmly in place.  I eyeballed mine, but you may want to be a little more accurate by using a ruler and cut pieces of tape. I tried to make the stripes at a 90 degree angle, each about 1″ tall/wide.
Test out your Tulip slick on a piece of paper to get all the air bubbles out.  Now do quick squiggles back and forth on the first chevron stripe. It’s ok if you go over the tape.  There will be a fine edge when the tape is removed.
You may prefer to do just half of you design during one part of the day to let it dry, then return to it later in the day to do the other side. It can get tricky to hold if you do all at one time.
Next use the Yellow Tulip Slick and do the bottom chevron stripe.
While my paint was still wet, I carefully removed it to reveal a clean, raised paint design! Let dry completely!
I love the dimensional look this paint gives to this project.  It adds a nice pop of color and texture to the pumpkin!
It looks so cute bunched together with my other pumpkins…
…and my candy corn bottles.  I really hope no one steals them off my front stoop!
Until next time Swellions!