Does anyone else remember this shirt?

Does anyone else remember having this shirt?

This past weekend, I went to both Berkeley and San Francisco with my friends Chris and Kristy. In one of the thrift shops, I noticed this shirt as we entered and I totally had this same Santa print as a middle schooler. Yep, I did the whole embellished t-shirt thing back in the day. I think I used gold Scribbles paint on mine and I’m pretty sure I put a little bell on there somewhere (I think on the dog bow) so that it could jingle jangle while I walked. I don’t know if this print was Daisy Kingdom or not, but I’m pretty sure it was purchased in the Wal-mart fabric section. Oh, the good ol’ Wonder Under/Scribbles Paint sweatshirt days. I posted about another one of my creations a few months back…you can check that out here.

BTW, I totally rocked this look with a giant jingle bell on a satin cord and gingerbread men that slid onto hoops.

Well, I’ve had a long weekend and promise to post more in the week ahead. If you want to see some more pics of my trip, check them out in my Flickr set. I’ll be adding more as I edit them.

Hope everyone had a great Turkey day!!!

Until next time Swellions!