My wishlist


Don’t you hate the holiday question when people say, “What do you want for Christmas?” I seriously am always stumped when people ask me it. I tried once putting some items on Wishlist, but if they’re not on Amazon, the task of pasting code and whatnot was was kind of daunting. It never fails that I go out and about to the mall or a store and I see all kinds of things that I want, but I’m always perplexed whenever having to answer that question. It’s an important one! It could mean the difference between socks or a cool new camera accessory.

So I do have some things I want. Some are obtainable, some are less. What do you really want this holiday?

Here’s ten things on my wish list:

1) lightweight camera tripod
2) close-up lens attachments for my camera
3) Tickets to see Britney Spears in concert (I’m not joking either)
4) Itunes gift card
5) That thing called the Gerbil/Weasel/I don’t know…it picks stuff up in small spaces you can’t get too. I told my sis this and she told me that she would NOT get this for me.
6)a small travel on popout luggage case
7)Really good jewelry tools (pliers, cutters, etc)
8) a new queen-sized bed
9) a new, soft Murray State sweatshirt (my alma mater)
10) a gumball machine

OK, so even though I want a few of these things, I want them eventually, rather than now. I don’t really have the room for a gumball machine really, but I’ve always wanted one.

This is actually a really good blog post idea, cause now I can just send them this link. Go me!

Hope you have a great night Swellions!


Ornament Thursday Week 3

So, I’m posting tonight an ornament I did…actually one that I had done for a step by step photo at work. I have to shoot step by steps of my hands (oftentimes I’m shooting the photo and painting at the same time – multitask isn’t my middle name, but I sometimes have to do it). Anyway, I enjoyed the initial look for this ornament so much that I decided to finish it. It actually turned out really cute…kinda retro…and kinda festive. I dig it. It is made using Gold Craft Twinkle Writer from DecoArt and various colored small-sized rhinestones

fanciful starburst ornament

I also made some fun button ornaments out of vintage and new buttons I’ve bought recently or had from grade school. I decided to put them on a fun mini tree and show them off…you know you have some buttons that just need to be displayed that you’ve got stored away. Now’s your chance to show them off!

Button Ornament Tree

Oh, and check out these super cute ornament that our designer, Jane, did at my work.


I just lurve the zebra stripe! I can just see it now with a fabulous hot pink bow. So easy using just a plain white pearl ornament and Black Craft Twinkle Writer! Click here for full instructions and supplies.

Please check out some of the other artists that are featuring ornament designs on their web site this Thursday:

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Katie Hacker

Margot Potter

Linda Augsburg

Melanie Brooks Lukacs

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Rebecca Peck

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Hali Chambers

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Brandy Lung Gill

OK, out of here for now. I had a long day…capped off by a nice evening of photo taking with my flick friends and Starbucks (yum). My bed awaits!

O Christmas Tree!

In Full View

I put up my tree today. It wasn’t an incredibly complicated process, but I did realize 3/4 of the way up, while stringing the lights, that I wasn’t going to have enough to finish…so, I had to go to Joann’s and Michael’s anyway, and I picked up another strand. I guess that makes 500 lights on my tree. I love the sparkle. There is nothing like it…even though I do have a “colorful” personality, I like the white lights the best (though I do have a few of those giant-bulbed ones that I dig). I’m not totally done with my decorating, but atleast I got my tree done and for me, that is an accomplishment. I decided not to put my “traditional” tree and instead to put up this white one (decorated retro-style) that a co-worker gave me a couple years back (she didn’t have room for it – yay me). It’s a nice one, but it is not pre-lit and you have to put every branch into the center.

I’m not a big Elvis nut, but I do like him (I’ve been to Graceland). I got the two Elvis ornaments from friends and I purchased the standee a few years back. I actually use that standee in show displays to hang jewelry on from time to time. Here it is atop my tree as a twist on an angel or star topper.

Thank you, Thank you very much for putting me atop  your tree.

And here’s one of the Elvis ornaments…

I can't help falling in love with you, tree.

I am in absolute love with this funny Glitterville Ornament. It is so funny and full of life. I imagine I would be pretty mad, too if someone peed on me.

One angry snowman

And there are quite a few of these vintage-reproduction ornaments on my tree…a few years back they were 4 for $1.99 at Rite Aid after the holidays and I picked up 4 packages. Even though they aren’t the real thing, they are still the bomb.

bright & shiny

So, what does your tree look like? Does it carry on a theme or filled with old ornaments from your childhood? Please do share…